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Thursday, July 28, 2011

calm as a cucumber

When I think about labor and contractions, I don't freak out. I actually feel really calm about it all. Is this normal? Should I be freaking out? When I know something big is going to happen in my life, I immediately start praying for wisdom, strength, guidance and a peace about the situation. I'm sure most of you do the same thing. I continue to pray over these things and about these things during the situation I am in the midst of- whether I'm washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, going to the bathroom ( yes I did just reveal that information). Pray without ceasing. Such a powerful thing anyone can do.

But really, I have this sense of calmness over me. Will all of that change once I am experiencing labor and contractions? Be honest, now. :)


The Crazy Castros said...

Hello sweet girl ~~ I'm an L and D nurse and I've been delivering sweet babes for over 12 yrs;)) love this post and yes I believe in calm spirits and in God taking hold of it all!! Go into it w an open mind and heart don't PLAN anything it will just happen!!! Good luck and may u have an incredible experience and hey it's just birth right??? XOXO

Bethany Freede said...

You will do awesome! Contractions do hurt yes, but when you're in the middle of it for some reason you just do it, know you have to get through it and it's just not that bad!! Really :) I would do it again any day! Soooo excited for you!