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Sunday, July 24, 2011


My birthday is on the actual " D-Day" from World War II. But this is not what this post is about.

I'm talking about d-day for Bristol. My mind is constantly thinking " will this be the day my water breaks and I go into labor?" Everytime I get up and go to the bathroom at night I think... " did my water break"? ORRRRR.... when she is moving a lot in my stomach ( especially really low in my belly) I often think " are you trying to come out?"

You're mind really starts spinning when you have a baby inside of you and it's about that time for him or her to come out.

I'll be 36 weeks on Monday and I go to the Dr. on Thursday. I haven't been feeling well the past week. Nauseous, tired..... just icky. I feel better when I'm laying down and not doing a darn thing. But in all reality, I'm tired of being at home and not doing something. Ah!

I know I know... my life is about to change. No sleep, no sleep, no sleep. :)

My prediction is that she is coming in about 2 weeks.

We shall see.