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Friday, July 15, 2011

ready for lift off

My child is head down and ready for lift off.

Is that too graphic for my blog? Sorry, but I'm the no holds bar type of gal, so to me, that isn't too graphic. But yeah, she is head down and I think she is ready to come out. I'm having a lot of pressure in my lower stomach and feeling VERY uncomfortable all over my body. I'm not sleeping, what is sleep anyway? My beach ball, I mean baby bump definitely gets in the way so I find it very hard to get comfy, even with pillows in between every nook and cranny. Comes with the territory right?

We went to the Dr. yesterday and my Dr. thinks that Bristol will be around 6lbs at birth. How much should I actually believe of that? My mom was very tiny when she was full term with me and I was 8lbs. I guess we shall see.... taking bets now.... how much do you think she will weigh? I'm going with around 7lbs, Brandon agreed with the Dr. and was thinking around 6lbs.

I'm also needing to find a pediatrician in the Sugar Land area. I posted it on facebook and got a lot of feedback from people. Some people said the same Dr. which was nice to see, but I guess I really need to do some SERIOUS research. I already had bad luck with my first OB and I changed 10 weeks into my pregnancy. So I'm hoping I find the right pedi for Bristol and her first time parentals.

I'll be 35 weeks on Monday and I think I feel about 40 weeks pregnant. I really have a feeling Bri will be coming early. Not like I have past experiences to help me out with this one, but I just have this thought that she will be here before we know it. My Dr. told me that the majority of first time moms actually go about a week after their due date. Oh lord, I am begging you to let this baby come before my due date. Did I mention that I am due the first day of school? And by that I mean, Brandon is a teacher and his first day of teaching is August 22 - my DUE DATE. I really want him to spend some time with this baby girl before he has to go back to work. It's all in the Lord's timing, I know I know. I trust his calendar more than my own :)

Speaking of Brandon, I just love him. Tomorrow we will be celebrating 6 years of being together. We talked on the phone for the first time June 5, 2005, started dating July 16, 2005 and now look at us, almost married 3 years and a baby on the way. God is so good. But enough about that, I am going to dedicate a whole post to him tomorrow.

I am almost done with Bristol's room. There are still a few things that need to be done like finding a cute rug, cute curtains, my friend finishing up the paintings for above her crib, securing the changing pad to the dresser and.... well I'm sure there are a few more things that need to be done. But we are definitely in the home stretch! My mother-in-law and Brandon's grandma came over last night for me to boss them around, I mean help me with things :) They were a lot of help. We got a lot organized, which is a big sigh of relief. A couple weeks ago, my mom came over and DEEP cleaned and I mean DEEEEEP cleaned all the bathrooms in our house. We also got our master bedroom fixed up. It told myself that our bedroom was going to be the last room in the house to get decorated. So my mom helped me stage it and then that weekend we painted, well my dad and Brandon painted our room. I really feel like we are living in a new house which our room fixed up. Next on our list is to take out all the carpet in the house and replace it with hardwood floors. So a big shout out to my wonderful mom, awesome mother-in-law and precious grandma-in-law :) I love you girls, thank you for helping me when I need it the most!

well, that's all for now. we are heading to dinner... I'm coming back with another post tonight, fill with pictures from my mom.

i know i know, you'll be waiting by your computer for that post


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

I did NOT know you lived in the sugar land area...we live near there! We see Dr. Nguyen at Tykes toTeens pediatrics but really haven't been pleased so I'm trying to find someone new. We thought there was no way our lil guy would be over 7# because me my husband and everyone in our family has small babies add he was almost 8#i about died when I heard how much he weighed so you never know!