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Thursday, July 21, 2011

it's the final countdown

Tomorrow will mark exactly 1 month till my due date. This seems so crazy to think about. I feel like I just got pregnant. 9 months really does go by fast. I also started my weekly Dr. appointments. I'm already 1 1/2 centimeters dialated and 70% efaced. My Dr. could also feel Bristol's head. CRAZY! I know that you can dialate either really fast or REALLY slow... so we will see where I'm at next week. Monday I will be 36 weeks and I still have the feeling that I will go into labor before my due date. We shall see.

I wanted to share some recent pictures with you. I haven't used my nice canon dslr in so long because, well I don't care it around with me, that's what a cell phone is for right? Well, here are some pictures that I have taken over the last week or 2.

How cute are these little sparkly keds? I bought these for $8.75 at dillards, they were orignally $25.00, can we say steal, I mean deal? :)

Another clearance item from dillards. My family LOVES under armour ( they have the most comfortable tennis shoes, by the way). So of course I had to snatch this up when I saw it was on clearance. It's a skirt with built in shorts, just my style. She'll go golfing with daddy in it on Saturday's and come with mommy to the backyard and hit off her pink tee-ball set. She'll have no choice.

Hey! It's me! I'm looking a little rough, but I just had to share this picture with you all. See my pups? Yeah they are attached to my hip. Nakona ( white dog ) is always sitting on my chest, belly, lap or laying on me. She has been very clingy lately, I think she knows something is about to happen. I actually started to cry on the phone today with my dad about my pups. Sounds cheesy, I know. But you guys, these are my babies. I'm just worried they will go through this huge shock of not being the center of attention anymore and that I can't devote enough time to them. I know this sound silly, but I'm serious, Rocky and Nakona are my sweet babies who keep my company whenever I need it. I'm just going to pray that all things go well once we bring Bristol home.

Here is our jogging stroller. Isn't it lovely? It's the city mini and it's absolutely delicious. The ride is soooooooo incredibly smooth. I'm so excited to use it. Wanna know a secret? I totally push it around the house all the time. I even put Nakona in it. :) It's parked by the front door, just waiting to be taken out for it's first real ride. We will need to buy the carseat adapter for it and then we can strap little Bristol and go for a spin!

Well, that's all for now. My Dr. put me on a strict diet for the next few days. She thinks I might have a stomach bug which is making me feel nauseous, have random hot flashes and well having the "runs". So I'm going to go see what I can come up with for dinner.