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Friday, August 5, 2011

oooooooooooooo girl!

I'm slowing down and feel like an 88 year old woman. No offense to 88 year old women, love them, bless their hearts. But boy, I'm to the point where I can't be on my feet for very long.

I have a SERIOUS case of cabin fever. Like a seriously serious case of it. Here's my dilemma. And by the way, by no means do I want you to think I'm complaining. I'm just "talkin' it out" :) Back to the dilemma......

I feel good when I am at home. Well, not good, but if I start to feel bad I can just plop right on the couch or in my bed curled up with my precious pups and I will feel better within minutes. But guess what? I AM SO TIRED of laying around the house, doing NOTHING.There's only so much TLC " Baby Story, Making Room For Multiples and Baby's First Day" that I can watch. Now, on the other end of things, I want to go out and run errands and just get out, but within minutes of being in public I have to go pee 46 times, I start to have some serious pressure in my lower stomach and then I become miserable. This is all while trying to push the cart in the store while waddling and trying to look like I'm a happy 9 month pregnant woman. Dilemma? I'd say so. Well, to me it's a dilemma.

I'm so ready for Bristol to be here. I'll be 38 weeks on Monday. I haven't progressed any since I last updated ya'll with how far I have dilated and effaced. I'm hoping next week will bring a different story. She has been moving around A LOT at night. Loves my bladder, in fact, their best friends. I'm ready for the friendship to be over with, if you know what I mean. I have braxton hicks every night almost. They are painless but uncomfortable for the fact that they tighten my stomach and make it feel like it's going to POP.

Bristol's nursery is ALMOST complete. My mom and I are going to Target tomorrow to go buy her curtains and then her room is done. Well, Brandon has to hang them, of course. There have been times where I have LOVED her nursery and then times where I thought " what the heck was I thinking?" But after everything has been put together, hung on the walls, placed perfectly on the shelves, I LOVE HER ROOM. I can't wait to get the curtains.

I'm still feeling very calm about labor. I know that that might change in the midst of labor, but as of right now, God is totally being God and taking care of my emotions. I love him for that, amongst many other things.

I'm hoping the next post I make will have pictures. I need spice up the blog a bit and post some pics. I might do a post of pictures "pre-pregnancy" and then pictures of during pregnancy.

Until then my friends.....


Dana said...

Hang in there, Kellianne! You're almost done. That last month was the hardest for both of mine, but YOU can do it! In the meantime, enjoy the fact that the 46 trips to the potty while you're out are ALONE... When pretty Bristol arrives, all that is going to change. :)