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Saturday, July 2, 2011

pack your bags and let's go!

I really thought that when I got pregnant I would be blogging every step of the way. Ugh, was I wrong. I'm actually a little dissapointed in myself for not documenting every step but let's get real, I was working a full time job, I'm a full time student, full time pregnant, full time wife..... need I say more? I guess if I really wanted to, I would of blogged more - oh well.

I will be 33 weeks on Monday and I can't believe it. I will say this over and over again.... I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was an impressive 4 weeks along and thought- I know the next 9 months are going to go by so slow. I am not a patient person so I was already doubting my level of patience. But I'm sure the rest of you moms out there will agree, the past 8 months have flown by. In fact, I can't even remember what my stomach looked like before I was pregnant. I'm not going to lie, I miss not remembering what I looked like before I was pregnant. Oh sure, I can look at pictures but shoot, that doesn't do anything for me. Do I sound vain? I'm sure I do. Take it how you will. I just think I am ready to not be pregnant anymore and have my baby girl with me in my arms, not in utero.

So now that I am in the home stretch, I have been thinking about packing my hospital bag for myself and Bristol. She really can come at anytime and my BIGGEST fear is that I will not have one bag packed and ready for her debut because he came earlier than expected. I asked Brandon's cousins wife to fill me in on what I should bring in my personal bag and here is what she told me.

Pajamas. 2 pairs to be exact. You see, I still wear my t-shirt and shorts for pajama's and quite frankly, probably always will. But Lorelle ( Brandon's cousin's wife) made a good point. Bring a pair or 2 of pj's that you can wear after you give birth. It will give you a sense of "home" and just the comfyness you might be needing. So I'm thinking, since I don't wear "real" pj's, I will be going to Wal-Mart of Target and buying some that I don't mind getting, well, a little damaged, if you will. Do you have any recommendations on what kind I should get?

Boppy. I have this exact one, isn't it cute? Lorelle suggested that I bring my boppy since I will be attempting to breast feed Bristol. I think it's a great idea, especially since all of this momma thing will be new and so will breast feeding. Hey, I want both Bristol and I to be comfy and the boppy will do just that.

Makeup! Can't leave home without it! Growing up, I was an athlete and I never wore makeup to practices or games. Well, once I got to college and starting playing college softball, I never left the dorms without it. I played softball and if you think of the stereotypical softball player, what comes to mind? ( I'll just leave it at that). So with that said, I always wore makeup. So, you better believe that at the hospital I will have my make up and ready to go .... gotta be picture ready of course, duh.

Sandals. Aren't these cute? I'm the biggest fan of Reef sandals. Actually, I still wear my black pair that I got when I was a senior in high school. They are so darn comfy. Lorelle suggested a pair of sandals for easy access when walking around the hospital post birth. I'm a total fan of that idea, especially since they are so easy to slip on. I actually kind of want this pair, haha.
Pillows from home. I actually thought of this one. I think, for me, I want to bring my own pillow. It will give me a sense of home and plus I know it will be comfortable. I'm sure I will need all the comfort I can get or "bring".

Not pictured - more bathroom needs like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, etc.

Now that is just my short list..... do you have any suggestions, ideas, or advice on what I should add to my bag? I really want to make sure I pack everything I need and maybe some things I don't need :)

My next post will be all about Bristol's Bag for the hospital.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Yes, I would bring your own pillow, but maybe not your favorite one as it may get dirty, also some clip flops for the shower, you don't know how clean it really is! If you bring pjs make sure the bottoms are loose and easy to pull up, make sure the top has easy access if your going to breastfeed, something to document when baby eats and for how long also for when baby pees and poos, the nurses will ask you and your tired adrenaline high brain will forget if you don't write it down, don't forget phone and camera chargers

Its getting close, and will be here before you know it! So exciting!!