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Friday, February 6, 2009

wish list

Have you ever just wanted to buy something that you have been wanting for a while? Do you have a wish list? Well, I do. There are just some things that I really want, but not necassarily need. I have buyers remorse or buyers guilt, if you will. Unless I REALLY need it, I don't buy it. Ok, that was a lie. Sometimes I buy things I don't need at the time, but I do use them. For example, clothes......I might not need a blouse, but I buy it because it was a GREAT deal.... don't you always feel better once you get a GREAT deal on something? Sure you do! Isn't it fun to brag to someone about the GREAT deal you just got on that item you purchased? Of course it is! I digress...
Well, my friends.... I bring you my "wish" list. These are items that I would love to have at the moment. Don't ask me why? Well, actually, I'll explain why.
Exhitbit A : Mac Ibook. Um....who the heck wouldn't want this? I have been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember! When my dell laptop broke ( courtesy of my older brother ) I really wanted to get this mac. Brandon thought otherwise. He said he was NOT going to spend that much $$$ on a laptop. So, he didn't. He got me a Toshiba instead. Yeah, it's great but I really want this beautiful device. Exhibit B: The basic black purse. Can you believe I don't own a black purse? Seriously. This might not be the one I want but this is the only decent one I could find in the short amount of time I had on the internet to look for one. It is cute, though. It's only like $40 too. Not bad? I found this really cute black purse at Steinmart last night with my mom. It's a Steve Madden and it was originally $80 on sale for $50. I know, I should have gotten it. But it all comes back I really need it?

Exhibit C: Looks like a purse huh? Well, it's not. Tricky, I know. It's a camera bag for my AMAZING camera. It's from Jill E. camera bags. They are very trendy, cute and durable......but pricey. It's originally 139.00 but I found it for $100.00 on I can fit my SLR camera as well as my point and shoot camera in here. Such a cute bag!!!

Exhibit D: I have a pair of UGGS that I got my Sophomore year of college. They are quite old and getting a little worn. Although, I do love my pair! But, I really want a new pair which is seen below. I have the short pair and I really want the tall ones. Don't ask me why? The only thing I can come up with is that they are cute? :) I wear my UGGS quite often, around the house, to my walk dog, etc. ( of course, if its cold).

Something else that I really need that I couldn't picture this in post is....A WHOLE.NEW.WARDROBE. It's starting to get pathetic. I really need some "big girl, real world" clothes.
But as you know, with wanting all these things comes with a price. A price that I certainly can't afford at the moment.
But, until then, I will continue to wish. :)
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Valerie said...

one word... ebay... you can find a new purse, a new camera bag, and new uggs for reasonable prices.

just saying..

the macbook is fun.. but i don't like mac.. but that's just me.. i'm alright with.. windows.. i kinda despised vista at first. but it's growing on me..

miss you!

The Doty's said...

i wish for all those things in different assortments. i want a coach purse...a laptop if any...a real pair o' uggs...not my target ones...and well i don't need a camera bag..but i think the 400 dollar purse i want could make up for that

Kris n CJ said...

Kellianne can I just first of all tell you how much I love you. I love your blog and you crack me up cause we all have our own personal wish list. Real uggs are definitely on my list of wants but I can't get myself to buy them so I still settle for my fuggs! and by the way that camera bag is like a dream. I never heard of that designer and I didn't know they made such cute camera bags. argh I really want one now