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Monday, February 9, 2009

bye bye Texas....HELLO Arizona!

I will be headed to Arizona this Thursday with one of my best friends, Ashley. We will be visiting one of our best friends Cheri, who is going to Med School in AZ. We leave Thursday night and come back late afternoon Monday.

I am sooooooo excited for this trip. You have NO IDEA how much I need a mini vacation in my life right now. But it's kinda a bittersweet feeling though. I won't be there for Valentine's Day with Brandon. I feel bad because its our first V-day together since we've been married and I won't be here to share it with him. This really was the only weekend I could go before WORK got SUPER BUSY. We have off Monday for Presidents day so it worked out nicely. I will be making it up to him. :)

Thursday we are getting into AZ around 9ish. That next morning we will be waking up VERY early to head off and do a little something that looks like this......

Ok, blogger is being STUPID, like always and won't let me download the picture of a girl snowboarding. So picture me in my snowboarding outfit snowboarding down the slopes of Flagstaff Arizona. Can I just express to you HOW EXCITED I AM for this day?

If you don't know me, then you don't know my LOVE for snowboarding. I might NOT be the best ever, but I can hold my own on the slopes. I was sad I wasn't going to go this year until this trip came up and I MADE SURE we were going to go! We will be going all day Friday from 9-4 and then heading back that night. I would love to snowboard another day but its cheaper for 1 day and plus we want to explore other things while visiting Cheri.

Anyway, I'm SO excited for this trip and can't wait to have a change of pace and scenary.

I hope you all had a good Monday!


Valerie said...

that's exciting!

have a fun and safe trip, kluv!