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Friday, February 20, 2009

home, home on the range.

Sidenote: Blogger is being VERY mean right now and not letting me type on top of the first picture? So, this will have to suffice.

The husband and I went to the driving range the other day. I wanted to bring my nice camera to play around with when I wasn't hitting some balls, well as you can see, I did more picture taking than anything. I attempted to hit a few balls and I sure as heck was not successful. It has been forever since we have been to the range, even Brandon was struggling. Of course he got better. He is so darn cute and sexy when he plays golf. He is sooooo freakn good. He played in high school and sure could of played in college. By the way, the reason why I was doing so bad was because I didn't have my pink clubs, of course. Brandon wouldn't let me use his nice driver I bought him 2 christmas' ago so I had to use his 5 wood. 5 wood schmiwood. Psssh! We didn't get a long well.

I found this new photo editor online that is free and I AM LOVING IT! There is just something about a good edited photo that makes me happy! Is that weird? Probably. The lighting was really nice when we got there and quickly after, the sun went down and as you can imagine, the picture started turning out bad. I have learned that I HATE using the flash on ANY camera. Natural light is WAYYYYYYYY better than anything, ever. I highly recommend NOT using your flash ANYTIME there is natural light.
Try it and let me know what you think!

My cute little golfer husband....I just love him!

I was trying to be abstract, did I do a good job? :)