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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pet-peeve wednesday

I know all of you might be a little disappointed since I didn't post a pet-peeve that Wednesday. But I am here to say that I'M BACK and ready to post another pet peeve of mine.
My pet-peeve today is smacking. No, not the smacking you might to do your husband if he said something you don't like. Oh, maybe that's what I do, I mean, I can't speak for all you ladies. I'm talking about the smacking in which a person does when they chew gum or eat food. Growing up, my brother, whom is older, had the worst smacking problem E.V.E.R! He still hasn't grown out of it. Sad, I know. He used to smack ON PURPOSE to annoy me. And HE IS THE REASON why I hate smacking. My mother, gosh I love her, but she also has a smacking problem. She is REALLY bad with gum. You definitely know that my brother is an offspring of her, ha ha.
There is just something about the sound of lips smacking together that just killllllllls me. I apologize to those of you who smack. God be with you.
So next time you are eating or chewing gum, listen closely to see if you smack, because if you do....DON'T COME NEAR ME :)


The Doty's said...

smacking makes me want to vomit...seriously. my dad is the world's brothers...second in command and now that i am staying with my mom her husband or's i can hear him eat from across the table. UGH!!

wow are good at the pet peeves...i mean really you know how to get my blood boiling.

The Miskell Family said...

I came across your cute blog from merediths...and I couldnt agree more with your post! My hubby does the same thing!!! Love your post!!