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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i keep squinting and i can't hear!

It was time. Time for a new TV in our bedroom. Brandon and I were having a VERY hard time seeing and hearing our old TV. It was a 19inch BIG mama TV and it was driving me nuts. The volume had to be on like 50 to even hear a TV show. My parents actually have the exact same TV in their guest room ( the 19inch) and their volume only has to be on like 7 to hear it perfectly. Our bed was a good distance away from the TV so it made it hard to see too, which is why we were squinting so much.
We had been talking about getting a new one, every time we would go shopping we ALWAYS looked at nice TV's. So, we finally pulled the trigger and said LETS DO IT! annnnnnnnd, we did. The picture above is our lovely new TV. It's a samsung and we got a GREAT deal on it! Brandon and I are total TV people. I'll admit it, I love TV. I really don't care if thats bad too. I'm sure my kids will love TV as well.
Disclaimer: Brandon and I bought this TV with some of my tax return money. Please don't think we are spending money that we don't have. But Brandon and I also feel that, although things might be "tight" in our life right now finacially, we feel that sometimes we need to treat ourselves. Rememeber now, we got a GREAT deal on it toooo!