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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pet-peeve wednesday

Yay! Today is the day I get to share with you another one of my pet-peeves. I know all of you have been dying for me to post another pet-peeve ( haha, yeah, right). Let the games begin!
This pet-peeve of mine has been happening to me my WHOLE life. And the sad thing is, it will be happening for the rest of my life, probably till I die.
Read below, can you guess what it is?
Hi, my name is Kellianne. Not Kelli. Not Ann. But Kellianne. It's one word, not two. It's not hypanated, there is no space in between the kelli and the ann.
Anytime I introduce myself to anyone I always say " hi, I'm Kellianne." And their response is " Oh it's nice to meet you Kelli". Wait a second, did I just introduce myself as Kelli? Yeah, I didn't think so! My name is Kellianne - with an I not a Y, 2 L's and ,2 N's with an E on the end.
If my mom wanted me to be named Kelli, she would of named me Kelli. But when I introduce myself as Kellianne, I'm telling you my WHOLE NAME! Some people think that I am telling them my first and middle name. Nope, I'm not. For the record, my middle name is Marie. One time, when I was at a wedding in Minnesota I met some girls and I introduced myself and they said "awwww....isn't that cute... you're telling us your first and middle name" and they then proceeded to say this..." my name is Michelle Jillian and my name is Christy Grace". I definitely laughed a little bit when they said that and realized, ok you girls are DUMB.
I know a lot of people with Ann on the end of their names. For example, Roxanne (who has been a friend of mine since middle school) introduces herself as Roxanne, now do they respond to you with " oh its nice to meet you Rox?" ( help me out here roxanne, haha). I highly doubt they do.
I have ALWAYS dealt with this and I will continue to deal with it. But next time you are around me and someone says "Hey Kelli!" Please correct them. :)
As you can see, err- I mean read, my pet-peeve is when people call me Kelli and not Kellianne.
So remember, my name is Kellianne, not Kelli. It's one word, not two. It's not hypanated and there is no space in between the kelli and the ann.
Now, it's your turn, what's a pet-peeve of yours?
PS- Don't be shy... comment and tell me what bothers you!


Valerie said...

hehe.. i was looking forward to your post!

did i ever call you kelli before?? i don't think i did.. but i know me and jd shortened your name to kluv! hahhahaa...

The Doty's said...

hmm you seem to touch on my touchy side too...granted yours is a real name and jd is a nickname i have gone by since i was 2...but really i introduce myself...and everyone's hearing turns into that of a 90 year old...

janie? nice to meet you hun...or jane? (it's always said as a question)katie? lady? and the worst is Daydee. i mean there is no one on the planet named why would my parents name me that...and i can hardly get started on the last's bad enough that people didn't learn to read correctly but if my name were Dotty(ie), it would be spelt that way. dOty...the o is long...two t's make is the other way peeve wednesday gets my blood pressure going.