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Monday, January 5, 2009

i'm a little over my head

That just might be an understatement my friends. I'm ALOT over my head and then some. My position at my job has changed with means more work for me. Not double the work, not triple the work, but QUADRUPLE the work. Yep, I said it.... 4 times more work than I had before. I was just doing School Walk for Diabetes which is a huge job in itself. But now, I have been "promoted" to Camp Director for Camp Rainbow and Camp Lotta Bright Hope(camps for kids living with diabetes), along with overseeing FRN ( Family Resource Network) and I am still doing School Walk. Needless to say, I am ONE BUSY BEE!
Not to mention, I am planning the 2nd Annual Zach Grafe Alumni Game which is happening this weekend Jan. 10th @ 6:00pm at the Clements Softball Fields. Once again, I am hoping this will be a HUGE success like last year. I am starting to get a little worried because time is ticking away. I did just confirm the t-shirts for the game to be worn by the players and shirts to be sold to family and friends that attend the game. Say a little prayer that everything will be OK! :) Jill and the kids should be attending the game ( Coach Grafe's wife) which I am very happy about!
Needless to say, I am a very busy girl who barely gets to see her husband due to his crazy work hours and goes to my parents house almost everyday so I don't sit all alone in my townhouse. Oh woe is me.
Hope ya'll are doing great and your year has started off with a BANG!


Valerie said...

uh... congrats on the promotion??

at least it means that they trust you enough to put all these projects on you! you're going to do great KLuv..

don't let it get too out of control and you'll be fine! believe me.. i'm going through something similar at work.

okey dokes.

Lynn said...

Well, I hope with more projects that more $$$ came along with it. If it's like most jobs it didn't. If I was closer I'd help but believe me when I say...I continually "bite off more than I can chew" in my life. I have like 3 projects going now that are ginormous. What am I thinking?

Anonymous said...