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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bristol's Birth Day : Part 1

(Bristol Elaine Barron)

I am finally getting to sit down and document the most amazing day of my life, the birth of Bristol Elaine. What a day it was, what a day it was.

First I am going to share a little of what was going on the few days before I had Bristol.

Brandon's friend Andrew and his girlfriend came into town from Philly to visit for the week. They were really hoping that I would go into labor while they were here, but I was convinced at this point that that was not going to happen. So they arrived here Saturday August 13. We went and got mexican food for dinner and then went bowling. I thought, I will just "bowl" Bristol right out of me, haha. I was suprised to see how well I actually did at bowling 9 months pregnant. Needless to say, I had a lot of stares that night. The people who had the lane next to us kept staring at me. At this point, I was so over people staring at me and so I was really annoyed. She finally came up to me and said " how far along are you?" I told her 9 months pregnant and she couldn't believe I was out and about 9 months pregnant. I was on a mission... remember? To bowl Bristol right out of me, haha.

(Bristol's first bath)

So after NOT bowling Bristol out of me, I was convinced she was going to come late. Sunday rolls around and we just laid low all day. I haven't been going to church due to lack of sleep, VERY uncomfortable and just down right feeling icky.
Brandon was upstairs in his "man cave" playing a video game ( which by the way, NEVER HAPPENS, he never plays video games but he said he was bored, haha). I was downstairs laying on the couch with my pups watching TV, nothing new there. I eventually got up from the couch because I had to go to the bathroom, like BAD. Which once again, nothing new there.
(Sidenote - sorry if this is too graphic or TMI, but I want to document everything that happened, kthanks!)
As I am sitting on the "potty" I hear a "KERPLUNK" Immediately, I looked down in the toliet and saw blood. My first instincts were .... " I LOST MY MUCUS PLUG!!" Losing your plug is an indicator that labor will be coming soon, hours or days, depends on the person. I then, yelled out to Brandon and told him I lost my plug. I called my mom and dad. Which by the way, my dad was on his way to the airport for a VERY IMPORTANT 1 day trip to Florida for business. But I called him anyway and told him what happened. He told me to keep him updated, he still had some time before he boarded the plane and if anything were to happen, he would come right home.

(Our family of three, sharing a very special moment together, beyond blessed.)

Soon after going to the bathroom, I had to go again, umm... nothing new there either. Well, I noticed that I was still bleeding from the plug, but it was more than what you would expect. I started to get a little worried because I had researched several different things that could happen. Also, your doctor always says, "call if you start to bleed". Well, hello! I've never been pregnant before so I wasn't sure if this was normal. After that, I call the Dr. on call at my hospital and he proceeds to tell me its nothing but if I am worried to come up to L&D. Hmm... I was so confused. He said it wasn't anything but if I am worried then to come, didn't make sense to me. So I relay the info to Brandon and my parents, specifically my dad because of his trip he was going to go on.

(Granddaddy and his little girl)

Brandon's parents were out of town too, moving my sister-in-law into her new apartment for college. Brandon called them to let them know the situation too, but they couldn't leave even if they wanted too because they hadn't moved Whitney into her apartment yet. So basically, everyone was on stand-by and waiting to hear if anything changed. Brandon and I said if the bleeding continues, by 6pm Sunday we would go to the hospital. Well, I went to check again in the bathroom and there was more blood, enough to make me freak out a little. Luckily, my bags have been packed for WEEKS so I told Brandon we need to go now and I'm worried. So let the dogs out to go potty, Brandon loaded the truck, and off we went to the hospital. At this time, we couldn't get a hold of my mom. Her phone was turned off, which she says she didn't know it was. I call my dad, tell him the news. Guess what? He was WALKING TO his gate to board the plane. God's timing is so perfect and my dad turned right back around, changed his flight for Monday morning at 8am, talked to the airline company and got his bags back before they were loaded on the plane. Once again, God's timing is perfect. My dad would have been DEVASTATED if he missed the birth of Bristol. Back to my mom. Her phone was off so she had NO CLUE what was going on. My dad got a hold of my brother and told him to drive to their house and get her. So he did. I asked my brother what he told my mom and this is what he said " I walked into the front door, walked to the fridge, grabbed an apple and told mom, KELLIANNE IS HAVING THE BABY!" I laughed so hard.... of course, my mom started to freak out. Then called my dad and he filled her in.

(Daddy with our 1 day old baby girl)

We arrive at the hospital around 5:00pm Sunday, check into a triage room and get checked by a nurse. I was 1-2 centimeters dilated, which I have been for weeks now. She reconfirmed that the blood was from the mucus plug and that I didn't need to worry. By this time, my mom got to the hospital first, then my brother came. Dad was about 5 mins away from the hospital. It all came out to be a false alarm, the nurse wasn't worried at all. She said Bristol looked great and just to "wait it out". Of course I would have to wait it out, ugh! Since my family was at the hospital, we all decided to go out to eat, haha. Did you expect me to say that? Yes, I was feeling fine, they discharged me and we went to eat a family dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I was still slightly bleeding and very uncomfortable, but I WILL NOT TURN DOWN a meal at CF. We ate at about 6:30-7:00pm and we all went on our merry little ways. Brandon and I kept out hospital stuff in the truck in case something would happen in the next few days.

We got home from CF and settled down for the night, not thinking anything of what just happened earlier. I took a warm bath and then took a hot shower. At about 10:45 is when I started to feel period like cramps in my lower stomach. I wasn't sure if these were contractions or not but I told Brandon that I had these pains. He said to monitor them, which I did. He went to lay in bed and I stayed on the couch because I wasn't tired. After having about 2-3 more contractions I went and told Brandon. He immediately popped up and said are you ok? Of course I was OK, but I was just confused because I wasn't sure if these were actual contractions, I mean, I've never been pregnant before so I don't know what real contractions felt like. I got into bed and that's when we started charting the contractions. They went from 20 mins apart to 15, to 10, to 5 to 3 .... talk about FAST. I had Brandon rubbing my back through each contraction. I'm going to be honest, they just felt like bad period cramps, which I am very familiar with. They last about 20-30 seconds a piece so I wasn't in too much pain. Brandon then called his parents to let him know I was contracting and called my mom. By the way, it was about 1:00am at this point.

( Daddy and Granddaddy both wore pink to celebrate Bristol)

At this point, Brandon and I both decided that we needed to head to the hospital, but first, Brandon called the hospital to tell them we were coming. Did I mention that my Dr. had been out of town for 2 weeks and JUST got back on the 13th? The Dr. I spoke to earlier in the day was on call for Dr. Starr ( my dr. ). The hospital told him that the Dr. would be calling him back in a few minutes. I was expecting the on call Dr. to call, but it was MY Dr. who called him back.
Brandon told Dr. Starr the situation and she said to come in. Off to the hospital we went. Well, first, we took the dogs out to go potty, grabbed a few last minute things and then hopped in the car and drove to the hospital. At this point, we still didn't know if they were going to admit me, but the contractions were getting worse, not too bad, but definitely intensifying.

Ok - so that's it for now. This post has taken me over a week to write and I finally got the first part written, goodness!

I'll write the 2nd part soon :)

By the way, if you are reading this last sentence, God Bless you! :)