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Thursday, August 11, 2011

upcoming events and other tidbits

It's almost the middle of August and there is so much on my mind. Of course, the impending birth of our daughter Bristol Elaine is top on the list. But there are other things that are of importance that will be taking place till the end of December. I'd love to share these events with you. So here goes....

August ____, 2011 - Birth of Bristol Elaine

August 22, 2011 - First Day of School for Brandon. He is teaching 5th grade this year!

September, 2011 - I will start my alternative teaching certification program!

September 4, 2011 - will mark 1 year of home ownership!

September 20, 2011 - Brandon and I's 3 year wedding anniversary

October, 2011 - I will be going back to school after taking a break. I have 4 classes left and I will officially be a college graduate. Wow, what a journey it has been.

December 16-24, 2011 - Schrock Family Vacation to Seattle and Leavenworth Washington! Ski slopes, here we come!

In other Barron news, I'm definitely in the nesting stage. Actually, I have gone in spurts with the nesting stage. As of today, I'm nesting. Ask me tomorrow and it will probably be a different story.

Bristol's nursery is ALL COMPLETE. What a sign of relief. I love ever inch of her room and can' wait for her to "see" it, haha.

I've been thinking lately, I'm going from a working wife, full time student to .... stay at home mom, housewife and EXTREME COUPONER. Yeah, that's right, I am turning into an extreme couponer and Brandon is in full support of my new career. haha

Since I'm considered a college senior, I get to start my program before I graduate, which is great. This will speed up the process of getting a job - for the next school year, of course.

The Schrock Family Vacations are the absolute best, hands down. We are all looking forward to sharing a week of laughter, smiles, jokes, memories and toting around Bristol Elaine.

Totally embracing the fact that I LOVE to save money when I shop. Rarely, do I EVER buy anything that is full price. If I do, it must be an amazing item because spending full price for something should be illegal. I love sales, coupons, discounts,etc. I will have 1 full year to master the art of saving a lot of money at the grocery store.

Here I am. The housewife and stay at home mom. I know I will love it. It will be an adjustment of course, since I have always worked. But I know that both roles are full time jobs and I am beyond blessed to get this opportunity to stay home with Bristol.

Ok readers, I am going to try and post a picture each post because quite frankly, blogs are boring without pictures. Well, most of the time. At least mine is boring without pictures, maybe all the time. The thing is, I hate blogger and how they upload pictures AND mostly all my pictures are on an external hardrive, which I don't feel like plugging that guy in and importing some back on my comp. So.... I will try my best to get you at least one photo per post. Can't promise the photo will be related to the post itself, but needless to say, there will be a photo.

Talk to you soon!