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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She's a celebrity

Bristol had her newborn photo shoot a couple weeks ago. I have been waiting patiently to see just a sneak peek of our sweet little one and boy, did our photographer not disappoint. Gabby is trying to build her portfolio to start a photography business. I personally, think she is wonderful and I hope that her business flourish's in the future. She also took our maternity photos, which we also loved.

Gabby posted one picture of Bristol today on facebook and I wanted to share it with all of you. I so can't wait to see the other photos!

We love this little baby girl more and more everyday. Still can't believe she is here and she belongs to us!

In other news, I will try my hardest to write part 2 of Bristol's birth day. It's been hard lately to sit in front of the computer. My phone has replaced the computer for all things internet, facebook, etc. I'm actually on my computer now writing this but time is limited with a newborn, so this might be short lived.

I also have A LOT of pictures to share with you that include a lot of "firsts" for Bristol. I've been going crazy with pictures, but hey, I'm a mom, isn't that part of the job title? :)

Ok - like I said, this would be short lived. This momma is tired and has a breast infection
( YUCK!). I'm taking 2 meds that make me very sleepy. So I'm off to take a nap! I'm hoping to post again soon.