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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

remember me? :)

Hi. My name is Kellianne Barron and I have been MIA for the past 7-8 months in the blogging world. I can't give you a really good reason as to why I haven't posted in such a long time ( well, actually, I do have 1 or 2 reasons why, but I won't explain those now, maybe some other time).
But in all honesty, I've just kind of been "blah" about blogging. I've wanted to blog, but couldn't think of anything to blog about. Even though I haven't been blogging, I do still keep up with other peoples blogs. I'm pretty sure that's called " blog stalking".... yeah... that's what it is called. I love keeping up with people lives. Seeing pictures, reading stories, being noisy. It's what I do.
A lot has happened since I last posted in March. The past 7-8 months has consisted of .... loss of job, get a new job, lose that job, go to 2 summer camps as a camp counselor, get a new job, Brandon starts his first year of teaching, purchase our first home, find out dad has melanoma cancer on his ear, serious car problems and now serious back problems.

Let me catch you up to speed and give you a little more detail on what's been happening in the Barron Household....

1. I was "let go" from my job in Fort Bend ISD due to budget cuts. My position was completely eliminated in ALL elementary schools in FBISD. I was soooooo sad at the same time. I LOVED working at Sugar Mill Elementary and loved my kids.
2. I immediately found a new job, but not in education. I was hired as an admin assistant. I worked there for a month and a half. Pretty short huh? I was called into the office at about 2:30 on a Thursday and said "it wasn't working out". I was given no details as to what went wrong. I was never talked to previous to this about anything I was doing. This was quite a surprise. I wasn't devastated that I was "let go" or "fired" whatever you want to call it. I was devasted because I have never been "fired" for something before. It really takes a toll on your ego and emotions.
3. During that time, Brandon and I were trying to buy our first home.
4. I got a job at Cornerstone Christian Academy - the private christian school that is at my church. I know that this is EXACTLY where God wants me. I am teaching pre-school.
5. Brandon and I closed on our first home September 4, 2010. It's been crazy since that day. Boxes, unpacking, boxes - you know how it goes.
6. Brandon started his first year of teaching 4th grade Math/Science at Jan Schiff Elementary. He really enjoys teaching. I know he is a great teacher and is making a huge impact at Schiff. Oh, he also coached 7th grade football at Baines Middle School. He loved it.
7. I coached volleyball at Cornerstone. It was CCA's first year to have sports. Although we didn't win 1 game ( god bless my girls hearts) I really learned about myself through the process. The girls were precious.
8. I have gone through some serious car issues ( some of you know if I am friends with you on facebook). Long story short, the wrong oil filter was put on my car - all the oil drained out. I drove my car but did not know that the oil drained out. Ruined my engine. Played phone tag and did some investigation and had to get a new engine. I didn't pay for it. I am waiting on my $800.00 check to come my way.
9. I hurt my back coaching volleyball. Thought it was a pinched nerve. Over 2 weeks it got better. Went back to playing softball and then I re-injured it. HORRIBLE. I have 2 bulging and herniated discs.
10. My dad was diagnost with stage 2 melanoma cancer on his ear. He has been through 3 surgeries in the last 2 months. His cancer was just shy of spreading to the lymph nodes. It had became invasive and was border line of spreading to the lymph. Praise God. He just had another surgery and he is recovering.

Ok- if you are still reading this.... GOD BLESS YOU. I am not the most exciting person. I'm just a married pre-school teacher who loves her dogs like they are her children and enjoy eating chips and icecream for dinner on occasion.

I am hoping I can get back into blogging. But first.... I AM IN DESPERATE NEED FOR A BLOG MAKEOVER. My design has been there since Christmas 2009! Know anyone who can help a sista out who has no money to buy a new design? Hey- i'm a pre-school teacher. No need to explain.

Well my friends, I hope you stick around because I definitely want to give this blogging journey a face-life and another go around.

bye for now!



Susan Schrock said...

Hi Kellianne,
Thanks so much for the update - it's so hard to keep in touch with all you guys. I'm grateful your dad is recovering and I'm hoping you will be on the mend soon.

See you during the holidays.