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Thursday, December 9, 2010

save save save!

In the past 2 days, I have saved over $300.00 on products that I have bought by using! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!

I scored this watch ( white and black). I got the white for 24.99 and 4.99. You read that right folks! What a deal!!!!!!! I bought the white watch a couple days ago from another website and it retailed for 124.99 and I just bought the black one today which retailed for $99.00.

Geneva Platinum Collection CZ Accented Bezel Ladies Watch

A Tanga Image

Last night, I scored a 1 year subscription to ESPN magazine for $3.99 for 1 years worth of magazines. The retail price was $104.00. Can you say DEAL? Of course, this is for Brandon :)

I am not addicted to and I swear by it! I look forward to what deals and coupons she post everyday!


Valerie said...

Oh girl! I spent so much time looking through this website and it makes me wish I was in the States! I shared it with my sister who will definitely put it to good use! Anddddd, I bought the same watch you did in purple! I guess it can just wait for me til I return! Thanks!