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Saturday, November 27, 2010

welcome to our home

First things first. I will be posting a few more posts after this one
because a lot has happened since I last posted. I need to catch all of you ( you know, my 100 readers, haha) up on what's been going on. Most importantly, I have pictures! Let's be honest, a blog post is so much better with pictures and quite frankly, I've been lacking pictures lately. I'm a picture queen. I love taking pictures, but for some reason this past year or so, I have been M.I.A when it comes to whipping the camera out to snap a memory or two or three or ten. I digress.....

Most of you know that Brandon and I have moved into our first home. We moved in September and we are just getting things put away, hung and organized. Since I have had a week off, more like 9-10 offs including the weekends, I have busted my tail to get things put away, hung on the walls and organized. We've painted the game room, bathroom up stairs and hallway. We have put some serious work in this place.... minus our bedroom and bathroom. That's a whole other story. Brandon keeps bugging me about it. See, I'd rather get all the rooms that are visible to the eye when you walk in the house decorated, cleaned up and ready for visitors. Our bedroom and bathroom are last on my list. We had our first family party last night with my parents, brother and my extended family ( aunt, uncle, cousins, etc). It went great! They played poker up in the gameroom. Playing poker the Friday after Thanksgiving is a tradition that we set when my moms sister Kathy moved to Texas about 4-5 years ago. It's a good time of fun, fellowship and winning some money, haha. Not me of course. I don't play poker.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures with you of our house. We are still in the progress of painting and decorating.

Disclaimer:please excuse any random paint splotches on the walls, random shoes, jackets, dog toys/bones laying around. :)

This is our foyer area. We will be painting the downstairs, hopefully soon. It really adds so much when there is paint on the walls. I'm hoping to replace that table with an older piece that I can re-finish. But this will do for now :) We also want to rip out all of carpet and add wood flooring. Hopefully that will happen soon.

My cross wall. Can't wait to add more crosses!

I present to you.... the gameroom! We just painted this last weekend. We just added the new 50 inch plasma to the wall, Brandon is spoiled, that's all I'm saying :)

The Man Cave. This was the first room we painted in the house. It has been updated since I posted a pic on facebook a while ago. This room is filled with all sports stuff that Brandon and collected over the years. It really is a cute room! Of course you need a man cave christmas tree :) It's a cowboys tree. I know, they suck this season, haha.

Here is the desk with his diplomas. I'd like to introduce you to our good friend, Bucky. Brandon shot him when he was 12 years old. Poor deer.

Guest bathroom upstairs. LOVE THIS bathroom. Sometimes I just walk upstairs to go look at it. I'm not kidding.

Another shot of the bathroom. I think what I love the most is that everything in the bathroom, (minus to the 2 wall hangings above the towels) I already had. The two wall hangings above the towels we a clearance purchase at Hobby Lobby. They were brown and I spray painted them black.
How did she get in this post? This little dog is my shadow. Wherever I go, she goes. She actually is scared to climb up the stairs herself, so I carry her. Pathetic, I know. Spoiled, I know. She had followed me upstairs when I took these pictures so I had to snap a shot of my baby.

I will show you more pictures later like the outside of our home, the kitchen, dining room, living room BUT NOT the master bedroom and bathroom :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Be back soon with more posts!


Gabby said...

Congratulations on the house!