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Saturday, October 4, 2008

what happens in cabo, stays in cabo!

This post is dedicated to Brandon and I's amazing honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Oh how we miss that place and wish we were there everyday! I am too lazy to put captions with the photos, they are pretty self- explanatory. So, enjoy just a few of our favorite pictures from the trip!

PS- The pictures start from the end of our trip to the beginning.


Lynn said...

Wonderful pictures! I know you guys had a blast there. It's one place I'd like to go someday. The wedding pictures were phenonomal. Glad that all got worked out. No surprise that you were a beautiful beautiful bride. Brandon wasn't so bad either! LOL. Sorry about Rocky and B's finger. Eye drops are a hard thing to administer. There must be an easier way. Hope it all works. Hope Brandon finds a job soon. I know that is hard. It's hard with me not working too. He may have to settle for something "out of his area" until the job he wants comes up. Patience is key, I guess. But, when money is vital for bills you sometimes have to figure out alternative methods. WOW. My post sounds like a lecturing mom post. Sorry. Love you guys! Next time the D's are here you have to come see us.

The Doty's said...

haha...i always love honeymoon pictures...because there are always the hold the arm out and squeeze your faces together pictures...or the one's by yourself posing! it's so funny. the pics were is amazingly beautiful there. i think i will go tomorrow

Danni and Bryan said...

SO pretty! And you wedding pictures are amazing...wait...whats that?....hold on let me turn the TV down....ok there we go - sorry I was watching The Notebook for the fifteenth time in a week and accidentally dropped a bon bon on my mu mu - wouldn't want it to stain....anyway like I was saying I loved your pictures!!! Hey did you see my blog - pretty snazzy huh?? You can learn a lot watching YouTube "How To" videos all day! HA HA!!! Can we please hang out soon! Lets plan something!