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Thursday, October 2, 2008

smarter than the average bear

My dog Rocky is one smart pup. You tell me to get his bone, he will. You tell him to find "mousie " ( his first toy ever) , he will go get mousie. You tell him to go in his crate, and he will. You tell him to sit, he'll do that too. But one thing Rocky WON'T do is sit still to put eye drops in his eyes. My poor Rocky was traumatized as a little puppy at the groomer. Ever since then he hasn't been the same dog. He gets very fiscious when it comes to taking a bone away from him or a toy and putting medicine in his eyes.

From my post earlier, I mentioned he has to take medicine for his eyes. He takes 1 pill 2 times a day and well, he loves that. Why? Because I put some peanut butter on a spoon and put in the pill in there for him. What dog wouldn't like that? Of course, Nakona ( princess pea, diva, brat and queen of the Barron household) wants some medicine too, even those she doesn't need any. So like every mother should do , I make it fair for them. Rocky licks the spoon well enough to get the pill off and then Nakona follows up with licking the remince of peanut butter. So, as you can see the pill part is E.A.S.Y - come eye drop time....oh boy... you better watch out.

Brandon and I have been very successful with putting eye drops in his eyes ever since we got back from our honeymoon. The thing is, they are supposed to be put in 2 times a day. Well, we can only get them in one time a day, why you ask? Because Rocky is too smart for his own good. Let me explain.

Lately, we have been giving the dogs childrens benadryl at night to calm them down and get sleepy ( they are in a new house, much smaller than my parents and they are trying to get acustomed with it all ). This diversion also helps with Rocky and getting him to relax and lay down. Every night he has been tired and laying down either on the couch next to me or on the floor. I then start to pet him and rub him and talk to him to distract him from the hand that will put eye drops in his eyes ( Brandon's hand of course). This plan has worked every time, until last night. Rocky has caught on to our whole diversion of getting him "drunk" and then swiftly getting the drops in his eyes. Last night, Brandon got one drop in his left eye but we couldn't get the drop in the right eye ( essentially, his worst eye). We tried and tried to calm him down and be sweet to him and finlly Brandon said " WE NEED TO GET THE DROP IN HIS RIGHT EYE!" and I said " I know Brandon but he has caught on to our CIA tactics and well, he won't let us put the drop in". Brandon then said " Ok, I'm going in, I'm just gonna bear hug him and put the drop in "......I said " Um... are you sure? He will bite you you know? As long as you don't mind getting bit, then go for it". ( I thought to myself... is Brandon crazy? Why would he want a dog to bite him? Seriously? I better not get blamed for this! ) So Brandon proceeded to bear hug Rocky. Rocky started to jerk away and then SNAP!!! Rocky bit him.

I shook my head at Brandon. I knew Rocky was going to bite Brandon. I knew it. So then I thought " should I tell Rocky no! bad boy? Or shall I not say anything since I KNEW he was going to bite him. I could see rage coming from Brandon's eyes and steam coming from his ears ( here I am again, thinking to myself... how can Brandon be mad? we BOTH knew Rocky was going to bite him). I dind't want Brandon to get mad at me so of course, I told Rocky no! really didn't make a difference , but whatever.

Brandon's finger started to bleed and I was kinda laughing in my head because I kept thinking... " what made Brandon think that Rocky wasn't going to bite him?????? , he did it to himself ".

No eye drop, one bloody finger and a laughing wife made for a splendid rest of the night. Shortly after, I went to bed. ( I am always in bed before B because I go to bed early). About 5 mins later, shockingly, Brandon got in bed. "Babe"? - Brandon ..... "What?" - Me....... " My finger hurts really bad" - Brandon ...... " Well, you knew he was gonna bite you" - Me...... " Oh hush! - Brandon ..... " Ok, well goodnight!" - Me

So the moral of this story was.... if you have a dog that doesn't like eye drops and you know he is going to bite you, DON'T TRY and be a big shot and think that the dog won't bite you!

Today I will be making a trip to Petsmart for a muzzel ( I don't even know if that is spelled right). We will be attemping to put a muzzel on Rocky , that's if he doesn't bite us , every time he needs eye drops.

Wish us luck.