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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wedding pictures

Wedding pictures are up and running.
click on view online events
click on Brandon and I's name
enter your email address

and Enjoy!

There are a lot of pictures actually missing on the website. She told me " they are corrupted data". Long story short, I can't stand my photographer, her business needs to be shut down.

All the pictures that were taken right after the ceremony in the church are corrupted data and she isn't able to open those pictures. Ummmm....those are some of the MOST IMPORTANT pictures that were taken. I am quite beside myself with this issue. I don't understand how she can "lose" my bridal portraits and then have " corrupted data" on some of the most important pictures. Is there something wrong with this picture? Both times, she has told me this stuff has NEVER happened to her before. Hmm... yeah right. I'm quite numb at this point with her and her little antics of losing stuff. I won't know till next week if those pictures will be able to be saved. I will keep ya'll updated. I'm trying to be positive right now. All I know is if this issue cannot be solved, we will be taking this to a higher power.

Pray for me.


Kris n CJ said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the photos. I know how you feel. I hated my photographer too. So I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I was able to share your day. You were absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun. Send me an comment with your e-mail so I can e-mail you my copies of your wedding. Love ya


Valerie said...

so.. how exactly does one conduct business when business sense is out the window???

sorry for all the crap you've had to put up with with this chick..

i spent 3 months trying to get my videographer to give our video.. i know.. the concept is lost on me too.. :P and then when we finally got it.. it was pretty much awful.. a 3rd grader with any video program could have made the same thing..

so yeah.. i hope everything turns out okay..

miss ya k luv

Monica said...

Ok that is just WRONG about your pictures. That is one of the main areas of my wedding I worried about the most and spent the most on. You just don't want someone to screw it up. I am so sorry that has happened to you. No fun!!! I am interested in how it turns out. Your pictures are beautiful!!!
Glad you opened your blog. I was sad when it was closed off. Let me know next time you close it. I want to be on the in list. : )

AmberKoren said...

Beautiful wedding!!!