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Sunday, January 6, 2008

one word.....UH-MAZING!

I'm back! To be quite honest, I have been putting off posting pictures on the 3 websites I belong to- Facebook, Myspace, and Blogspot. Why? Because I have over 600 pictures that I took while in New York and it would require lots of patience and time to pick out the perfect pictures and captions to show you all my trip. Well, I've had lots of requests to see some pictures so I am going to post a lot of pictures , probably in multiple posts.

So my week long trip was absolutely amazing! Besides having one bad day ( for myself personally-i had a little girl moment, we all have those) my trip was just awesome! Here is a little synopsis of my trip. We left Houston Christmas Day @ 7:40am and arrived to Dallas an hour later. One thing I will admit right now is that I will NEVER fly American Airlines again. The flights were horrible, the service was horrible, everything was horrible. The flight from H-town to D-town I had a 3 year old little boy kick the back of my chair the WHOLE WAY.....all 45mins of the flight. His idiot parents never told him to stop or anything. We then arrived to New York @ 2:30pm where we met my brothers girlfriend ( now fiance). She went on the trip with us. From the airport we went and got our rental car and headed off to Cooperstown, NY, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooperstown was 4 hours away from NYC. We had 6 people, 11 bags of luggage scrunched into a dodge mini was rough, I'm not gonna lie. I got really car sick on the way to Cooperstown. With 3 stops in the mix, we finally landed in Cooperstown when it was dark. We were all hungry, but NO restaurant was open on Christmas Day, not even gas stations. Sidenote- Cooperstown is a very SMALL town, much like fredericksburg if anyone has been there, but even smaller. So we had a GPS system that got us everywhere and we ended up calling a Mobile Station that was open and the worker there threw on some hotdogs for us and we ended up eating our Christmas dinner at a Mobile Gas Station! Believe it or not, we were so excited to see that gas station because it had food in it. hahahahah

Now on to Cooperstown. That town is the most amazing little town ever! During the summer, it gets 96 baseball teams PER WEEK to play baseball games there. Cooperstown was where baseball was invited and where the first baseball game was ever played, at DoubleDay Field. We went to the baseball hall of fame and it was great! I was sick that day so I had a hard time enjoying everything. We also went shopping- thetheme of the town is baseball. ( my family and I are sports fanatics, especially baseball, so this town was perfect for us!) We also went to a resturant that could only hold 15 people, Cooperstown Diner. It snowed while we were there, Brandon had never been in or seen snow , so he was a little kid in the candy store! The snow was amazing, it was coming down hard. We went sledding in the snow, made some snowmen, we did it all! Cooperstown was truly an amazing start to a great Vacation! We were all sad when we had to leave this little place, it truly made you feel like home, everyone was so nice!

Now on to the Big Apple! New York City is the most exciting, fast paced, unreal city in the world. We were all excited when we got to the City. It was a totally different feeling there, than Cooperstown. Where do I even begin explaining everything? I probably should just show pictures and put captions. I guess that is what I will do. I will put the pictures in another post starting with Cooperstown pictures.