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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

for val, danni, and JD

Ok is the survey. I vowed that I would never do one of these things on my blog but I couldn't help but read each of ya'lls surveys and see that when you put my name down ...with a question mark. Hmmmmmmmm..... so I'm proving you puta's ( just kidding ) wrong! :)

Two names you go by:
1. Kellianne
2. KA or K'anne

Two things you are wearing right now
1. ACU softball sweat pants
2. pink furry socks

Two of your favorite things to do
1 . Spending time with Brandon ( even though he says I never do)
2. snowboarding

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. To eat chunky money icecream
2. To graduate college

Two favorite pets you have/had
1. Nakona
2. Rocky, Ming, Jet

Two people who will fill this out
1. Kellianne? - hahaha

Two things you ate today.
1. Diet Sunkist Soda
2. Greek Salad

Two people you last talked to
1. Brandon
2. My Mom

Two things you're doing tomorrow
1. Trying to plan my wedding - guest list time.... eeeeeek!
2. watching Brandon play on his PS3 I bought him

Two longest car rides
1. Wisconsin
2. Florida

Two favorite holidays
1. July 4th
2. Celebrating birthdays, mine and my friends and family

Two favorite beverages
1. Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Pepsi
2. Diet Cranberry Juice

Two favorite TV shows
1. almost all reality TV shows
2. ugly betty