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Sunday, January 6, 2008

pictures pictures GALORE!

Ok- so here are just a FEW pictures from my trip. I will post another blog with more pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, and other places we went. I wanted to add more from the same place but that would of just taken forever!

Brandon and I our first day in Cooperstown right outside our hotel in the snow.

Cooperstown Diner that only holds 15 people...its so cute!

Sitting on the rug in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The whole family outside the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Don't be fooled, Brandon didn' make this, it had fallen apart and Brandon put it back together- somone else made it!

Just one of the beautiful landscapes we saw in Cooperstown.

It's snowing!!!! DoubleDay field is in the background where the first ever baseball game was played!

I had to do it! Fresh Fallen snow... it couldn't of been better! :)

A really huge tree in the back of the NBHOF.

I had to.... I was a catcher too ya know!

Brandon and I's future home in Cooperstown :) It is a little house where kids can go visit Santa and drop off their letters to Santa in the red mail box...too cute!


I'm pretty sure that I put my camera on the tree stump and put the auto timer on and this picture came out great! One of my fav. pictures of the trip!

Time Square our first day there!

Gotta get a picture with the Naked Cowboy!

Radio City Music Hall

Ground Zero.....they are still working to get everything out.

St. Paul's church across the street from WTC where a lot of memorials are set up for people who lost their lives on 9/11. This was a safe place and a place of rest that the volunteers could stay.

Brandon with a firefighters suite on the actual bench where they all came to sleep, eat, and rest.

Time Square at night. One of my most favorite parts of that city!


rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

omg...the little santa house.. SOOO cute!!! hahaha... i wanna go to cooperstown! next time im in NYC im totally there :)))