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Sunday, January 6, 2008

a couple videos

This is a video of Brandon and Stephen having a snowball fight in Cooperstown, NY. It was Brandon's first time ever in snow and to see a snow fall! ( PS- don't mind me talking in the background).

This video is of Brandon and I sledding on a hill in Cooperstown, NY. It was a lot of fun!

More videos and pictures to come!!!!


The Doty's Dish said...

Wow, I have been the worst blogger ever and haven't been able to comment, so here goes...I'M SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK...totally jealous that you went...Brandon looks like he is humping the snowman and not really hugging were in Heaven (the hall of fame) and I so want to go there (the jealous part) and while I watched the ball drop on New Year's by myself...I just thought of you guys and prayed for you that you wouldn't be recognized as a Texan and then get killed by a crazy Yankee :) I love you and so glad your back. I think I would love to live in New York for like a's all I could take!