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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My job and my sweet sweet babies spoiled me this year while working at CCA. From little gifts from my kids to a baby shower from the school -- I was showered with love that completely overwhelmed me. Well, the last week of school really brought me to tears because of the love that was shown, once again from my sweet class. I have never worked for a place that is so generous to their employees and let alone the families that I have had the pleasure of teaching their children. My goodness, blessings continue to overflow. I am so grateful for CCA and all 21 students and families that were called "Hummingbirds". I will miss them dearly and I hope that I will be able to return to CCA once I am ready to get back to work ( not for at least a year, yay! i'm going to be a stay at home mom!!).

This is a super cute diaper cake from one of my little girls and her mom. How cute is this? Not to mention, how generous and sweet of them to think of Bristol and I.

My room mom once again, went above and beyond and collected money from students who wanted to give me a baby gift. Of course, they all went above and beyond and got me items from my registry from Babies R Us. Some of my kids helped me open the gifts, it was too cute. Everytime we opened a gift, they'd say " Ms. Kellianne, what is this?" I would then explain to them all the things I got, they got to pass them around and "ooo and ahhh" at the baby items. It was hilarious and precious, of course.

Not only did I receive the diaper cake, the baby items from my students, but I was also given a gift card "tree/flower". Mine is the pink flower which is dangled with gift cards from all different places -- Target, AMC, berripop, Visa gift card, Babies R Us, the list goes on. This still shocks and overwhelms me. When our room mom brought this in and explained what it was, I started to cry. I just can't believe the thoughtfullness and selflessness of my parents and their children. Wow, is all I can say.

God put me in a place where he knew I needed to be. After struggling with finding a new job after FBISD eliminated my position, I wasn't sure what was in store for me. But God knew exactly what he was doing. In fact, it was his divine intervention that he chose me to work at CCA. I am forever thankful and grateful for such an amazing place to work, surrounded by Godly Christian men and women and most certainly, the amazing families that represent CCA. Oh God is so good.

Lord - thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to work at CCA and continuing to bless Brandon and I with your love and grace.


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

aww those are such cute gifts!!