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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Pottery Barn Petite Paisley Nursery Bedding

"Annie" Nursery Bedding from

Hello! It's been a while since I have posted and there are so many things I want to talk to about but right now I am dedicating this post to all things baby bedding.

You see, I had Bristol's bedding picked out from a place called and LOVED my selections. Did not love the price tag, but I thought, well this is my first baby and it's exactly what I am looking for. Back to the price tag --- um...... the price of this bedding is kind of ridiculous. Although it is all custom made with beautiful fabrics, it's definitely exspensive.

So my mind has been set on saving money for the bedding and just going through with it. Well, I have been thumbing around on the computer and needed to look for diaper bags because I haven't found one I liked yet. So the potterybarn website comes up and I started looking at diaper bags. After finding one I really like - of course expensive too, I thumbed over to nursery bedding. I found a set that I really like that is HALF, I repeat, HALF the price of the custom bedding. It's something that I CAN afford right away and don't have to save for. It has the colors I like and will match the color of the walls and the white furniture. The pottery barn bedding can also come with a quilt which goes with the toddler bedding.

This is where you come in. I really need your help. I'm trying to be practical but I also want her room to be beautiful and what I REALLY want.

If it were you, what would you do? Go with the custom bedding that makes you go broke or go with the practical priced bedding that is still super cute but easy on the pocket book?

For all you people who "read" my blog and NEVER COMMENT.... I NEED YOU TO COMMENT, don't be shy :) I need all the advice, suggestions and feedback!


Micala Bernardo said...

GO with the cheaper bedding. It's still cute, and trust me, you just won't care that much once your sweet baby is here.

Brooke said...

we got Max's bedding from polka dot designs and they really do such a great job. I did his nursery exactly how I wanted. THAT being said, I would honestly go with the practical one. It will be amazing how many things you think you need that you actually wont (and we totally wasted our money on) and how many things you DO need that you didnt buy. Max still hasn't slept in his crib and he probably wont for a while. Every baby is different but he sleeps better elevated and I choose to let him sleep a good night than wake up every hour in his crib. And it's easier to have him next to me. They grow out of their crib around 2 years old and you will have to purchase ALL new bedding! Plus, the pottery bedding you picked out is really cute. Maybe you could take it to a seamstress and have them monogram it so you can have is personalized. The bedding from PB is really cute. Save the money, trust me, you'll need it for all the gear you are going to want :) If you do decide to follow your dreams, you are picking the best and most reasonable place for custom bedding. I priced out and looked everywhere.

Katy Livingston said...

Hi there, I saw your site on Roxanne's blog list. I'm Katy "Kemp" Livingston and I think I may have met you sometime in middle school at a church camp. ANYWAY, regarding the bedding--just follow your heart! If it were me, I might go with the cheaper one, because the room will still be beautiful when it's put together with all the other little details you are adding. Also, you might be changing sheets with poop blowouts more often than you'd like! (or that might just be me).

Arrie said...

I love that blue color in the second design. But I also love the Pottery Barn set. I have PB bedding in my daughter's room and have been very impressed in the quality of fabrics and how well it's holding up 9 months later. You really can't go wrong - both are beautiful! Congrats

Jaci said...


I saw your note on facebook so popped by your blog.
You look so cute preggers! :) I'm so thrilled for you and Brandon. I say go with the Potterybarn bedding. It's cute and really pretty, and you will love it. Plus you'll save money for other things you want to buy before or once your baby comes. That's my 2 cents worth! Best of luck with the next few months :)

Julie said...

Pottery Barn bedding for sure! It's super cute and definitely not worth going into debt for the other. Trust me!

Melissa, Kenny, & Jenny said...

Ok I've never posted, but this one spoke to me. First their both gorgeous! But honestly you'll never use the big quilt, and you'll go through several sheet sets a week because of diaper explosions, baby spit up/ vomit, etc. So I would go with the cheaper set because ibpromise as soon as you have your sweet baby girl home the nursery bedding won't matter to you :). So if it were me I would save the extra money for something else. Just my opinion. Hope it helps. I remember getting caught up with making sure everything looked perfect and cute and then looking back now I can't believe I stressed as much as I did. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! It's the best and most worthwhile experience!!! I've been loving the ride for the last four years.

Dana said...

They outgrow it so quickly! I'd go for the less expensive. You did well by investing in the furniture. You'll probably do and re-do her room as she grows, which you'll feel less guilty about enjoying if you did't spend a small fortune on the last one. :) Also, IF she actually uses it (mine barely used theirs, mainly sheets and crib skirt), babies aren't exactly the tidiest of humans, so there's potential for messes.

Both are beautiful for Bristol!