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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mother's day

Mother's Day was great! We all went to second service together ( my parent's go to first and Brandon and I go to second). After church we went to Babies R Us for me to use a gift card - boy, I could stay in that place for hours upon hours. From there, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory where we had lunch together. Stephen's girlfriend is a manager there and so we got a "little deal" on our meal, wink wink :) Of course the food was fantastic, you really can't beat the QuesoFactory. We then headed to my parent's house to take pictures before we all changed our clothes, haha. I didn't want to take pictures outside because it was so darn windy that day and well, I fixed my hair for once and it wasn't going to look like a hot mess when we took pictures. So I opted to take pictures inside. I'm a brat, I know.

Let me back track for a minute. Saturday night, Brandon and I invited his mom and family over for dinner. We grilled chicken, had baked potatoes, fresh steemed broccoli, fresh salad and baked beans for dinner. It was ALL delish! They stayed for a little bit and we watched a movie on TV. It was a nice evening with his family.

The proud Uncle and Baby Daddy. My brother always comes up with weird or funny things to do in pictures. It cracks me up everytime it happens. I love love his sense of humor. But, you must understand my brother in order to understand his sense of humor - some people think he's a weirdo. haha .... See the thumbs up in the background? Gives me a good laugh! This picture almost makes me think that they are the "fathers" of the baby and I'm just the surrogate mother, hahahahahah!

The best parent's in the world. My goodness, they never seize to amaze me. I can cry right now thinking about how selfless they are and how they continue to support, provide, give and love all 3 of their children everyday.

Momma and her boys. What I love most about my mom is that she ALWAYS includes Brandon, no matter what. He isn't left to the side, he is always asked to be in pictures. She goes above and beyond to make him feel loved. When she talks about "her kids" she always includes Brandon. I really admire that about her.

First off, I need a tan - and I am working on that right now, haha. But on a serious note, my mom is my best friend. She is ALWAYS there giving me advice, listening to my vent, and laughing with me about silly things. She is such an inspiration, a genuine, kind, loving, compassionate person. I am beyond blessed to have a mother like her and I hope that one day, I can be half the woman and mom that she is to me, Stephen and Brandon.


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

so glad you had such a great mothers day!!!