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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Annie and Newport

No, I didn't change the name of my child in my whomb. Annie is the name of the baby bedding that I will be ordering oh so soon! I've been eying this bedding since I found the website 2 months ago. The website is all custom made baby bedding and other baby/kid things. I will definitely be pinching my pennies the next few months to buy my sweet "Annie" bedding.

I have already picked out my baby furniture too, which is all lifetime pieces - makes me so happy! We found the furniture at Baby and Kid's First Furniture. I wanted white for a girl and a dark brown for a boy. We actually ordered all the pieces a long time ago for the nursery because we got 15% off of all the furniture and they said that sale never happens for this brand of furniture, so we jumped at the chance. At first, they ordered the girls furniture because it was the most expensive and they would refund us the different if we had to order the boy pieces. Then they called and said that they had to switch the orders and ordered the boy furniture because they think the brown would sell faster than the white. But now, we have to call them and tell them to order the white. Talk about a mess, huh? All I know is that we saved like over $600.00 for buying it on sale. Can't beat that, right?

I'll be registering this weekend or next week and I can't wait for that. I am preparing for it to be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day. I'll be going with my mom, Brandon said he didn't want to go
(not in a bad way) and he said that I should take my mom. He also mentioned that I know more about all that stuff than he does, since I've been babysitting forever. Any of you have any suggestions on items I should register for? Bottles, pacifiers, blankets....ANYTHING! I am all ears when it comes to this stuff.

Hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday!


Wendi said...

Cute bedding! And I know... registering takes forever! Hope it went well. :)