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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a .........

We found out March 21 what we are having and by the looks of it, IT'S A GIRL! Bristol Elaine Barron will make her debut in August! We are BEYOND excited and thrilled! The ultrasound was amazing, we saw her in 2D and 3D. The last time we saw her was when I was 10 weeks pregnant and we weren't even supposed to see her then. So... this was a lonnnnng awaited appointment and you better believe I was counting down the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds for this appointment. It's all I talked about at work that day with my sweet babies. We talked about the baby, baby names, and they even felt my tummy and talked to the baby. Yesterday with my kids, will be, one of the most cherished moments through my pregnancy and through my teaching experience.

Speaking of names, let me just share just a few names that my kids wanted to name the baby.

1. Lucy,
2. Magnus
3. Marlin
4. Abigail
5. Marissa
6. Heart
7. Christian
8. Justus
9. Shala
10. Jesus ( my personal fav )

I was totally expecting some off the wall names like number 6 but believe it or not, they really put some thought into it. Which made the conversation even better and more special to me. One of my little girls asked if I was going to bring the baby to work at the end of April. I said well, unfortunately, they baby won't be here by then. She seemed a little sad about that, sweet thing.

We had a gender reveal party last night at my parents house and it went better than I expected. Not that I didn't think it would go well, it's just the turn out we had was amazing. I really didn't think we would have a lot of people come because it was on a Monday at 6:30pm. But we had an overwhelming turn out that really brought me to tears. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came and shared this special moment with us!

Everyone had to come in either blue or pink depending on what they thought or "wanted" the baby to be. Everyone were total troopers and participated which also surprised. Brandon and I took pictures with all the couples who came to the party and of course, we took a "think pink" picture and a "blue crew" picture. Here is how we revealed the gender of the baby to everyone.

After the ultrasound, I ran over to Party City and picked up 6 pink and 6 blue balloons. We used them as decoration in the house until it was time to "let 'em fly!" :) We had everyone go to the backyard. My parents have a huge backyard so it was the perfect spot to hold all 30 something guests. But while everyone was going outside, we took my brother and told him what we were having ( his reaction wasn't quite what I was expecting, he really wanted a boy, haha but nonetheless, he was excited!) We gave him both sets of balloons and told him that he had to let go of the "pink" ones, of course. We had him walk over on the opposite side of the fence ( my parents live next to an open levy so it was a perfect spot for my brother to be). Everyone in the backyard was facing the pool so when the balloons were let go, they had to turn around ( more for the dramatic effect, ya know??) I totally feel like I'm chopping up this story, it's totally easier to explain and type, hopefully ya'll are still following along. If not, sorry charlie! Anyway, Brandon leaned over the fence and counted to 3 and Stephen let the pink balloons go. Everyone turned around at that point and that's when you heard the crazy screaming from my mom. Good screaming of course. :) I wish I videoed the whole thing, I completley forgot to find my camera with the camcorder on it. But, I did get a great picture of the balloons flying :)

Needless to say, it was a great night with family and friends. I'm so happy we decided to have a party and share the news with people we care about the most.

I will be posting ultrasound pictures and the party pictures in another post because blogger uploads pictures weird and I'm not in the mood to deal with it.

Be back soon!