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Monday, March 14, 2011

Breck or Bristol?

One week from today Brandon and I will find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Let's pray the baby is in position so we can see "the goods" :) I never thought I'd see the day when we would be able to find out the sex of the baby. After all, I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, so I've come a long way since that December 16th night in the bathroom, haha.

We have chosen names and have had them picked out for a lonnnnnnng time. I've always been a dreamer and I would dream about the day I would graduate college ( hasn't happened yet, I'm working hard at that though), get married, own my own home and have babies. I've always talked about and dreamed about what I would name my future children. Since Brandon and I have been together, 6 years this July, we have tossed out names, fumbled through websites and made list after list of names we like for a boy and a girl. Of course, my girl list was a mile long and my boy list had 2 names on it, haha. We have thrown out so many names, juggled the possibilities of this name or that name and we finally agreed on 2 names that we absolutely love. You see, I LOVE a different name. An uncommon name. A name you won't hear often. Just like mine. Growing up, I didn't particulary like my name because no one could say it w, spell it right or say it right and it was VERY frustrating! But the one thing that was constant, is that there was NEVER another Kellianne in my class, at church, on my softball team or anywhere else I went. I grew to love that about my name. I loved when people complimented my name too. My parents put a lot of thought into creating my name. I love that "Kelli" comes from my grandfathers middle name and "Anne" comes from my mom's first name. I love that my name has a meaning.

I wanted the same thing for my children. Their names to have meaning.

So, after weeks of throwing out names, we finally came to a decision. A decision we are both very happy about :) If we have a boy his name will be Breck Tucker. The name Breck is a name that we both love. We feel that it is strong ( some beg to differ, like my brother) and it sounded great with the last name Barron. We chose the name Tucker because it is Brandon's grandmother's maiden name. We wanted to pay homage to both of our grandmothers who we deeply love and care for. And if we have a girl, her name will be Bristol Elaine. No, I did not chose the name Bristol after Bristol Palin, in fact, I liked this name well before Sarah Palin came along. I would hear this name often on ESPN, haha -- and I always thought, what a cute name! We chose the middle name Elaine after my Nannie who is no longer with us. Many people tell me that I am her "mini me" and that is quite an honor because to me, I could never live up to a woman like her.
I love that both names are unique and you don't hear them often. I did have a student last year named Breck and he is a sweet boy but thats the only other time I've heard that name. You know, it's hard picking names when we are both teachers, you know what I mean? :)

March 21 is when we find out and I can't wait to share the news with everyone!