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Monday, March 7, 2011

16 weeks and insomnia

I can't sleep. This shouldn't be happening now! That happens at the very end of pregnancy and of course right after the baby comes. But why can't I sleep now? Last night, had to be by the far the WORST night of sleep in history for me. It was miserable, I am miserable ( even as I type this at 6:15pm). I almost started crying today when talking to a sweet mom while my kids were in music. She asked how I was and of course, she knew something wasn't right with me. I told her how I'm not sleeping and I'm just so tired. My eyes burn beyond belief, I have had constant horrible headaches, my TMJ is coming back and most certainly, I feel useless at work. Although, I try to put in my hardest effort day in and day out at work, but when you're body is lacking sleep, you can barely keep your eyes open and all you think about is your bed, how can one be productive at work? I truly feel like I'm walking in a daze 24/7. I know, this too shall pass. And the more I think about the topic of this post and my pregnancy, I've realized that maybe all my "prego posts" haven't been positive ones. I apologize for this, but hey, this is a time for me to vent and talk about what is going on with me and my ever so growing body and belly. I really do enjoy being pregnant, besides all of not so fun yucky stuff I've been through, haha.

So any of you mama's out there remember going through insomnia this early in pregnancy? Do you have any recommendations to help me get through this? Body pillows? Medicine safe during pregnancy? HELP!


Julie said...

I remember sitting in the dr office and crying when she asked how I was because I was so exhausted. Talk to your dr. She can give you something to help you sleep if the other "home remedies" don't work. I had to sleep with tons of pillows to prop me up, sometimes a little pre-bed relaxing routine: warm bath, hot tea, etc.