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Sunday, January 18, 2009

since i don't have kids.....

I take pictures of my dogs. But when the day comes, and I have kids, this blog will be overflowing with pictures of my sweet little ones! :) But, until then, my dogs are my kids and they are photo subjects. Since I got my new camera, I've been dying to take some GOOD pictures with it but I really haven't had the chance. So I just take pictures of my dogs while trying to get familar with my camera. So many settings, so many buttons, so much information.

With no further a due... I present you Rocky, Nakona and Pearl. The 3 dogs of my life.
Sidenote: Pearl is my brother and fiance's dog.

I'm ready for my close up! -Nakona

Rocky at the dog park - getting his agility on!

Pearl with her head out the window.

Grandaddy with all his pups!

Sweet Pearl resting her head.


Valerie said...

sweet pictures, kLuv

i love that Nakona is sitting on the couch like that.. stewie and morty do that at my parent's house ALL the time!!!

Valerie said...

and furthermore.. ;)

how cute is rockie with his short hair! i love when they have short hair!!!

we definitely need our dogs to meet.

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...


yay for cute little pups. they totally count as children :) at least until REAL kiddos come along. ps- i love the new header. it's my fav so far!! love you mom :)

<>< raz