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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd Annual Zack Grafe Alumni Game

The game was a success! It was VERY COLD and WINDY that night which made it for an interesting game. We played 5 innings and the score was 14-13 , alumni lost, BUT it was a good game! We would of won if we would of played a full 7 innings :) The turn out wasn't as large as last year but I think because it was FREEZING cold outside. I still like to think it was a great day and I know everyone else will agree. Brandon was one of the umpires which was fun to see him out there calling the game. It was definitely interesting when I was catching and he was the home plate umpire :) Jill Grafe , Coach Grafe's wife came to the game along with the kids, Riley, Reagan and Little Zack. They are growing up so fast! I was a Jr. when Riley ( 7) was born. Jill gave an amazing speech that touched us all. One thing she said was that Coach Grafe would be so proud of us alumni and one thing he never did was quit. She said one of the last things he said to her was " Are they going to let me die" ? Of course Jill said no, and she knew from there that he wasn't gonna quit of give up. Although in life, things may get tough or hard, we can't give up or quit and Coach Grafe NEVER DID. He fought a 7 year battle with Leukemia, and although he didn't win, I know he won in other ways of his life. We all miss him very much and will continue to have an alumni game for years to come. When I gave my little speech I told Jill that we will be here for the next 30 years , even when I am 50 I'll be here, putting together the game. Jill gave us alumni a box of paper and pens and wanted us to write down memories we had of Coach Grafe because she is making a scrap book for the kids so when they are able to read and look at it they can read and never forget their dad.

As of right now, we are at $6,500. I wasn't expecting that at all. Last year we raised a lot more but I know that every bit helps, right? This alumni game is my "baby" and I'm just proud to say that I am able to take part is such a great event.

So here are just some of the pictures I took at the game. Sidenote: I made these pictures look like old Polaroid pictures by using this website.... . It's fun! Try I


Julie said...

I think it's so great that you've organized this! It looks like a lot of fun :) I hope you and Brandon are doing well. We need to get together sometime. If you're like us, the weekends fill up fast. Hugs to you both!

Lynn said...

You are amazing to coordinate something like that! I am just blown away. Not that I don't think you could do that but it's alot of work and you just pull it off effortlessly it seems. I know you love it and I know that it is much appreciated by this family. You are supergirl!