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Sunday, March 16, 2008

i love friends!

I must admit, there is nothing better than having great friends in your life. Brandon and I drove to Spring, Texas to hang out with Danielle and Bryan McDonald this weekend. I met and played softball with Danielle at ACU and we instantly became friends in those 2 years I was at ACU. Not to mention, she was from Houston- we had the H-town connection. Danni and I have been in the same city for the past 3ish years ( Houston) and had failed to EVER hang out, kinda messed up right? It's all my fault, I am horrible at keeping in contact with friends, its a down fall of mine. We had always emailed or texted each other but never hung out. We always talked about getting together and hanging out but it would never happen UNTIL.................. Danni text messaged me and invited me to the Rodeo to see Martina McBride. Of course I went and we really had a great time catching up with each other! We got to do the girl gossip thing, reminisce from the good ole softball days, and enjoy some good music at the same time. Then Danni and I discussed about going out with our significant others , so we drove to Spring last night and hung out with them. We had a freakn awesome time! We ate dinner at Chuy's with a few margi's - oh they are so good, and then went bowling! A lot of laughter, jokes, and shootin the breeze happened and that was exactly what Brandon and I needed. We have been so busy lately and getting away for a night was great! So Danni and Bryan, THANK YOU for an awesome Saturday night and letting us crash at your place! Love you guys!

PS- Danni and Bryan showed us some neighborhoods around theirs and Brandon and I are VERY interested in building or buying a home by them! JD- YOU SHOULD CONSIDER IT TOO :)


Danni & Bryan said...

We freakin' love you guys too! I can't wait until our next night out! Love you!

Valerie said...

yeah.. you, danni and JD should all live in the same area! then it'll be easy when casey and i come and visit!

The Doty's Dish said...

Yay...I'm gonna see you in a few may not know that yet...but we are hangin out Saturday monring when you come to Danni's!!!

Vevay said...

Good words.