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Sunday, December 2, 2007

a NEW YORK state of mind!

I'm going to NEW YORK for Christmas!!!!!!!
My parents are amazing and they bought my whole family, including Brandon, plane tickets to New York for 7 days, this trip is all of our Christmas presents. How amazing is that? We are all so excited and can hardly wait to get there! We leave Christmas Day and come back New Years Day. I have been checking the weather lately in New York to see if it has been cold ( unlike crappy Houston, 78 degrees???) and today it is SNOWING in New York! So exciting, I hope it snows when we are there!
Below are pictures that I found on the internet to show some of you the places we will be going while on our vacay.
Sidenote: I am not about posting pictures that aren't my own on this blog thing but since I don't have any pictures YET of these places this it the best I could do. Enjoy!

New York!

Central Park

Times Square .....we will be in Times Square on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop!!!!!

Statue of Liberty

Ground Zero, one of the main places I want to go !

Radio City Music Hall

Now, of course we will be going other places than the ones I stated above. For example, the first day we arive in New York we are immediately driving to Cooperstown, New York to go spend a day and a 1/2 at the Baseball Hall of Fame ( that attraction is mainly for the boys, partially for me). We are also staying at a hotel in New Jersey so we will get to see some of NJ too! We will also be going to Little Italy, Soho, New York Stock exchange and many other places. We have 7 days so hopefully we will get to see eveything we want to see. Oh yeah, we will be going to see a Broadway Show.

So needless to say I am counting down the days till we go to New York. Ready to get out of Sugar Land and this gross hot weather!


The Doty's Dish said...

I'm so jealous...take us with you!!! O and I think you and Danni made a brilliant idea of all coming down. We would have a blast...and Jaxon would love to see her real Kellianne again!

Danni & Bryan said...

Oh my gosh I am so jealous! I have never been - It is going to be so cold! I really hope we get to go shopping this weekend! I can't wait to see you!

Roxy B. said...

Me and Bistro are going to NYC for the weekend in 2 weeks!! YAYYY :) I've always wanted to go at Christmas time. and I am SO jealous you get to see the ball drop! PLEEAAASE take like... a million pictures!

oh and btw, I see your mom all the time and NEVER see you. what the heck???