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Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm a substitute teacher

Yes, you read the title of this new post correctly, I'm a substitute teacher. Today was my very first day to sub at my old high school Clements. I was subbing for my high school softball coach who teaches math ( pretty much my worst subject). He teaches Algebra to 9th graders,don't worry I didn't teach , I just handed out quizzes and told them to shut their mouths and not cheat! Overall, my first day as a sub went really well! Here are a few little things I'd like to share about my day....

1. I woke up @ 5:15am and boy..... I was feeling it all day.
2. All the 9th grade boys apparently talked about me all day to the other students because every period already knew who I was before I even said my was kinda funny.
3. So today they had a quiz and I was praying to God that during the quiz they wouldn't come up to me and ask for help because I am HORRIBLE at math. I was pretty nervous about that.
4. There were 2 things I told the kids before the quiz, 1. NO TALKING during the quiz and 2. NO CHEATING. ( that was hard for me to say because I mean, who hasn't cheated in their life? I felt like a hypocrite) I don't think these little 9th graders could of made it ANYMORE OBVIOUS that they were cheating. They thought they were sooo sneaky! From knocking your pencil off the desk so you could lean down and take a glance on your neighbors paper to acting like you are popping your neck and during mid pop you swipe your eyes on the girl/boys paper next to you or how bout this one.....the kids checking the clock literally every 4 seconds and during the clock check they can roll their eyes to see someone else's answers. There were a few more they did and as I watched them I thought, "C'mon now kids, can you make it anymore obvious? But then again, was I that obvious? Who knows! I called a few kids out on cheating but being the NICE person I am I let it slide and didn't write them up, oh well.

That's just a few tidbits of my day, I'm still a little out of it due to lack of sleep. I really did enjoy myself because CHS is my high school and I know A LOT of the coaches and teacher and plus my momma and brother work there....keepin' it in the family!

Hope everyone is doing well and again, I love reading everyone's blogs! :)

Have a great weekend!


Valerie said...

ahahahhaa.. i can just imagine all the little freshman boys buzzing around campus about the HOT Algebra sub today!!! haha.. that's so funny!!

that's exciting being a teacher though! i'm happy for you!

The Doty's Dish said...

Yes Kellianne, you know those boys were like "who's that hottie?"..."man you know, it's that girl...K-luv Schrockstar."

And I love cheating my husband, back then boyfriend was the master of "not cheating, cheating." He would wear the teacher down with questions until the teacher was tired of it and basically tell him the answer.

Oh the good ole days!

MKuehler said...

I am glad that your first day went well. Its funny, I love math and have a degree in math and I hate subbing for math classes. I would have written them up for cheating but that is just me. Hope the new year goes well too.