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Thursday, December 6, 2007

what did i get myself into???

Substituting........what did I get myself into, seriously! The idea sounded GREAT for the longest time because it was a paid position, nothing to spectacular, like $75 a day, better than nothing right? ( considering I don't have a real job other than being a professional babysitter). So yes, the idea was great, UNTIL................... I HAVE TO START WAKING UP @ 5:30 AM EVERY MORNING! are you kidding me??????? I don't know about you guys but I LOVE MY SLEEP! I am not a morning person, never have been and NEVER will be -so getting up this early is entirely against the law in my book. Trying to function that early in the morning, YEAH RIGHT, COUNT ME OUT! Also, trying to put a smile on my face when I walk into Clements High School and see all the little "@#%#"heads I deal with is something that is definitely hard for me. I try to tell myself that life at this very moment it will get better because I try and think of the day going by fast but the day doesn't go by fast when you watch the clock tick and tock every second. So here are some things I'm dealing with while substituting......

1. I'm so bored that I check my email - oh maybe every 4 1/2 minutes.... I need to stop doing that!
2. The internet at school blocks myspace, facebook.....and really anything entertaining to look at.
3. I'm putting up with stupid little kids who have no respect for this world let alone themselves and they think they can run all over every person they encounter and I've had about enough of what I can take. The kids know I don't mess around....I'm on the verge of writing someone up real soon.
4. Teachers letting their kids do whatever the heck they want
5. I am running out of things to do while 50 mins pass.You would think that 50 mins would pass oh so fast but NOPE!
6. I HATE when kids complain to me about having to do vocabulary words or a little worksheet- I tell them.... I WOULD DIE for your assignments, try having to write a 20 page paper in college or take tests that are 100 questions long with 16 essays on them. These kids have it soooooo easy!
7. I'm sick of freshman! That's all I have subbed for has of late and I'm ready to move onto the older students. I thought with teaching freshmen they would behave and kinda be scared to be freshmen b/c HELLO...THEY'RE FRESHMEN! But no, they think they are cooler than the Seniors...OH PALEASE!

So the list could go on but I don't want to bore you. I also don't want you to think I am complaining because I am grateful that I do have a job that I am getting paid for. I'm just a little dis-grunted about a view things!

So there's my story and I'm sticking to it!

If you have any tips that I could take with me to work I would LOVE to hear them! :)

Hope everything is doing well...staying warm or in Houston's case staying cool in this weird weather.

Christmas is days away! WAHOOOO!!!


Danni & Bryan said...

I am sorry subbing is so stressful! I could not do high school. However I am really excited about teaching elementary next year! I think you would make an awesome elementary substitute. When should we plan our trip to Abilene? I am so excited! Aren't those pictures of Jaxon in her Christmas outfits SO CUTE?!

The Doty's Dish said...

Dude...I think I have a chill-pill somewhere around here if you wanna borrow it. Just kidding...I hated high school to an extent...and I cannot imagine going back to be a substitute. I totally remember what it was like when we had a sub, and I believe you just described it.