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Thursday, November 29, 2007

i love reading my friends blogs!

I'm pretty excited and I'll tell you why! All of my closest friends are getting blogs! I will admit that I might be a little bit stalkerish when it comes to blogs but I can't help it! I love being informed of everyone's life especially when you don't get to talk to them much or you never see them cause they live far away(plus I'm a little nosy...but who isn't?). So I would love to share with you a few pictures of my friends that I love and consider some of my closest friends even though they live far away or we don't talk much.

This is Danielle and I, we played softball together @ ACU. Danni and her husband just got a blog which makes me so happy because even though we live in the same city we don't really see each other, which is my fault because I just am bad about keeping in touch with people. But don't be suprised if you find me on your door step one day :) I love you D-FIZZ!

This is Val, JD, and myself and as you can see we played softball together @ ACU too. I love these girls to death! I am Val's body double, see the resemblance? identical, right? thats what everyone else says too! We could always crack a joke with each other no matter the case and I love that about Val. Val- I am so excited I get to read about your life in San Fran! JD is in the middle and she was like my mom in abilene. I could talk to her about anything! She was also someone you could crack a joke with and no matter what, she always seemed to have my back or take my side and that always made me feel good. JD- I love being able to read about the Doty family and what the new updates are!

I love all 3 of these girls sooo much and like I said before, I am just so excited that we all have blogs and we can all catch up on each others lives. I will be honest, JD has the best blog because I love being able to watch Jaxon grow, but don't worry girls I love you too, haha!

Anyway, I am very blessed to have these girls as my friends and even more excited that I can stalk their lives!


over and out-

K-Sizz/K Luv Schrockstar!


Valerie said...

that made me so happy!! i love both pictures.. but danielle's face looks so funny!! but then again.. danni always had the best faces!!

body double fo' lyfe!!!

oh so ghetto!

The Doty's Dish said...

O you know I love your stalker tendencies!! And I love that picture...I do believe it was that same picture when "tri-pod in your butt-hole" came about...O really the things we would say to make each other laugh. It's too bad there can't be like another step after college softball where we could play softball together again...o wait i think that's slow pitch (I'll pass).

Danni & Bryan said...

Freakin-A K-Sizz, that picture will haunt me for life! HAHA! I love that picture because you didnt even see me doing that behind you. That is the funny part. Hey did you go to Anson with us that time Mitchell and his friends scared the bajeebus out of us?