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Thursday, August 7, 2008


*There is nothing better than walking outside of your office and hearing loud loud loud rap music being played from a DHL truck. Hahaha.... I'm still laughing from seeing and hearing that today. The truck was parked outside our office building and the man was inside delivering packages. The DHL guys has to have fun too, right?

*The bridesmaids gifts are ordered and in.... super excited about that! I will be picking them up today after work. I am also about to get the programs made too..... probably one of my favorite parts about the ceremony :) The programs are so pretty! My co-worker Leslie and I designed them, I'll give her most of the credit :)

* I'm so broke right now. I just spent $550 on new tires for my car. My old tires we just that, old. They were bald like an old mans head. So I had to get new ones and boy, did my bank account feel the pain. I felt the pain too.

* My brother just got a new job! He was the ISS teacher at Clements High School. (Jacci, he and your brother Wes got to be buddies, he loves your brother! .... hope you aren't taking that the wrong way when I mention ISS). Stephen has now moved on to being a Special Education teacher for Lantern Lane Elementary. I am so excited for him! He loves working in Special ED. He has been a special ed teacher for summer school two years now and he absolutely loves it. It's a good fit for him.

* Brandon had his 4th interview with Mazda Corporate. He interviewed with 4 different people yesterday- yep 4 different people. B was there for 2 hours. He said it went well and that they will be letting him know in a couple weeks their decision. I am hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that he gets this job. Say a little prayer!

* Ashley Sirman, my bff for many years comes home today! Wahoo! I am so excited to have some girl time! All my friends are either married, off at school, living in Arizona or living else where. So I am glad to be getting Ashley home for a couple weeks before she heads off for her last semester in Nursing school.

* My job is about to pick up to full speed in a week or so. I am really excited that I am getting out of the office and out into the field. Although, gas is going to be exspensive -I am still happy about getting out of this mug! Speakin of gas, has anyone noticed that the prices are going down? I got gas the other day for $3.63 a gallon.....pretty good eh?

* I L-O-V-E getting RSVP cards in the mail from the wedding invitations. It's exciting to see who's card was sent and the anticpation while opening the card is fun. Who can come and who can't.... how many will be attending, etc!

So there was a lot of randomness... hope you enjoyed my tidbits. :)


Jacci said...

hahaha you crack me up. wes loved your brother too.

we've replaced so many tires on roberts car i can not even count them anymore. i KNOW. it's depressing!

have fun with sirman and good luck to your man on the job!

The Doty's Dish said...

I loved getting those little cards too!!! and i'm cracking up at the pee on the seat blog...seriously, i have always literally, HOW?!

Lynn said...

Enjoy all the wedding excitement! It is so much fun. I remember JD and I were on the phone all time trying to get stuff done from here to there. I hope you get it all done and can enjoy it. Do you have a coordinator who will help at the back get everyone down at the right time? VERY IMPORTANT. I'll do it if you need someone! Or I'll send jd my walky talkys and she can do it!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

sayin a prayer...or two...or a few...for brandon and the job!

ps- my momma taught at lantern lane back in the day and she lovvved it! that was before i came along but still...fuN!

okay so i got your wedding waiting to see if we can come. we may be in cali that weekend with my fam.

let you know ASAP!!!!

love youuuu!

pps- yay for doggy diapers haha