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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am needing some help! My co-worker and I are creating my programs for the wedding but we are running into a problem! We cannot find a flourish ( design) for the program that is in high resolution. Everything we are finding is real grainy and jagged to the edge. If anyone of you know someone who has Adobe Illustrator, NOT PHOTOSHOP but ILLUSTRATOR- and are willing to let me use it PLEASE LET ME KNOW! It's crunch time right now and I'm trying to get these darn programs done with!

Thanks ya'll!


Lynn said...

It sounds like you need a good long rest! You are wearing me out...LOL. I know there is alot to do planning and wedding and wanting everything to be perfect. It will be! Just be sure you enjoy the day and just let things fall where they may. It will be beautiful.