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Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Disclaimer: Blogger SUCKS when it comes to putting pictures in a certain order you want! So please excuse the mess, these pictures are clearly not in order!

I am not quite sure what this post will be about, nothing specific. These are pictures that I didn't post yet because they were on my moms camera with 642 pictures. Yes, I downloaded 642 pictures from her camera last night, let's just say it took FOREVER! But, I finally have the pictures I wanted, needless to say. So there huge story for this post, just pictures! :)

Are they cute? Nakona (left) and Sadie(right) are cousins. Sadie is a Chihuahua, weighing in at a WHOPPING 3.6 lbs. She is TEEEEEEEE-TIIIIIIINY, but so cute! This was the girls first time to meet each other and all Nakona wanted to do was play with Sadie and well, Sadie didn't want to play. Nakona had jumped up on the chair to say Hi and Sadie climbed on the arm rest to get away!
I love my pups! They ALWAYS snuggle with me at night, well actually, anytime I am laying on that couch they come snuggle with me. I had to get my mom take a picture of it, it's just too cute! Rocky and Nakona are going to miss this couch when we move out in a couple weeks. They will have a whole new couch to snuggle on :)

I coach softball as most of you know and here is Coach Eddie, my daddy and myself during one of our games in Dallas. My mom came that weekend and so brought her camera so she could take pictures of her hubby and daugther coaching together. Speaking of my dad and I coaching really is something special that my dad and I share together. Not many people get to work with people they love and I have had the privelage to coach with my dad on 2 different teams. It's neat because I have grown up being coached by my dad and if he wasn't my coach, he was coaching and cheering for me from the stands. Now, we both get to coach our favorite sport together, it truly is something special. I charish every moment I get to spend with him on the field. It's always something my daddy and I have will together. Oh! and I love Coach Eddie too! One of the best people I know!

Mom had to get a picture of us two coaching together. I am the pitching and catching coach and I call pitches ( which is by far my FAVORITE thing to do!). While I call pitches my dad sits next to me and charts the pitches I call ( ball, strike..etc).

All the girls think it's funny when I go catch in between innings. I.ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT! A lot of the parents say I am coming out of retirement, haha! The girls wish I could catch for our team, they always say I can pull off being 18, which I could :) But seriously, any chance I get to catch in between innings, I'm right there! I actually get kinda mad when one of the girls goes and catches.... I say" You are taking the fun away from me!"

My sweet momma and I on the porch at our hotel room. Long story short........the team mom reserved rooms for the team at a Baymont Inn Hotel ( DON'T EVER GO THERE). I had just came from a business trip staying at the Double Tree Hotel across the street from the Dallas Galleria. Let's just say I almost threw up when I got to the hotel room. I am not a snooty person but I.WILL.NOT. stay in a nasty hotel! So I made some arrangements and switched hotels. My parent came up that next day and we had to take a little photo shoot before we left for the fields.

My amazing parents who are my rock and support in my life. They are tooooo cute and I love them so much! I'm not gonna lie, although I am so excited to move out of my parent's house and start a new chapter in my life, I am a sad that I am moving out. I will miss their company and just the feeling of being "home".

Coach Gary and Coach Kellianne is who we are and its what we do! I am definitely a daddy's girl and always will be!


The Doty's Dish said...

Awe coach shrocks! i wanna coach with my daddy now...yeah right..we would probably fight till the other one quit! you better watch out for tan lines while your on the field!