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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

boston market, wedding, and softball

I went to get lunch today at Boston Market (they have some tasty food!- I was real sketchy of it at first but OMG its good!). As I was pulling into my parking spot I saw a man and a woman standing in front of Boston Market. I looked to the right and there was a girl taking a picture of the man and woman in front of Boston Market. Is it just me, or is that weird? Yes, Boston Market is good, but is it that good or monumental to take a picture in front of it?

I'm telling you, when you work off of Westheimer in Houston ... YOU. WILL. SEE. ANYTHING. AND. EVERYTHING! It's one of the craziest, busiest streets in Houston. I.HATE.IT! Anyway............ I just thought that scenaro was a little weird, but hey, it's houston and westheimer, I just have to expect to see those things I guess.

On to other things......... I'M.SO.TIRED! My life has been go go go go go go go go go go go for the past - well FOREVER. I find myself getting 8hours of sleep but yet when I wake up in the morning I feel like I have been hit by an 18 wheeler! I am looking forward to this time to come and go so I can get on a regular schedule with my life. But wedding planning is going well. Everything is becoming more surreal. Just to think I will be getting married in 38 days? YEAH, I'M IN THE 30'S NOW!!!!!! :) I am re-taking my bridals either Aug. 26th or Sept 6th. I'm crossing my fingers for Aug. 26th- I want to get them over with. The programs are really the only thing that is holding me up on getting everything done for the wedding. Leslie and I are still working hard on finalizing them. I have to put together the order of the ceremony which I am highly confused about. I don't know where to put what, who sings where, who says what scripture at what time, etc. Things like this is where I just want someone to do for it me ya know? :)

One last thing for this post......... I'M SO SORE! I train with a trainer @ 6:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He didn't kick my butt, I'm use to training by now. What kicked my butt was............... playing slowpitch softball last night with Brandon's ALL BOY TEAM! They needed some fill-in players and HECK I will jump in at any chance and so I did. Ok- I'm gonna brag for a minute ( which is totally un-like me but....) I went 6 for 6 last night with a couple RBI's. Played outfield and second base and played a MEAN second base might I add. I believe that last night was the first time for that league to have a girl fill in for them. All the guys were like WHOA ( of course when they first see a girl out there on the field they think she is gonna be horrible) its kinda fun to prove them wrong :) Ok, I'm done! :) So back to being sore. Waking up this morning was torture. I hadn't run, thrown or fielded in a REALLY long time. So needless to say, I'm sore, can't move and tired :)

Hope ya'll are having a good Wednesday!


The Doty's Dish said...

don't you love doing a little random softball here and there! my soreness always reminds me why it was a good time for my end of body would kill me if i still tried to REALLY play.

Lauren said...

You work off Westheimer?! So do I! I actually live off Westheimer too, near a Boston Market :) How funny is that? Hope everything is going well with the wedding and all the last minute details....just wanted to say hi and have a great week!