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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rock the shot!


So, I am entering a photo in a photo contest for the very first time. I follow "rock the shot" on facebook and they host a monthly photo contest and this months theme is "wild flowers". Since I recently took pictures of Bristol in the black eyed susans, I figured I'd enter the contest, why the heck not?

Here's a little background info for this photo....

I had been "eyeing" these flowers for weeks which were located on my church's property. I love black eyed susans and KNEW I wanted to take Bristol there to snap a few pictures. We went to dinner that day and after dinner we made a pit stop at church. It was right around 7:15pm ( which is one of my FAVORITE times to shoot pictures). I knew the evening sun would go down FAST so I had to hurry and get Bristol set up and start snapping away. I wanted the sun haze in the picture so I squated down really low, I'm pretty sure I was laying on my stomach getting eaten alive by skeeters, but it sure was worth every single skeeter bite I got, haha. I love every single thing about this picture. The pop of colors, the sun haze, the wild flowers in the background.... everything! I took this photo with my canon 7d using my 50mm 1.8 lens.

wish me luck! :)


sonomijphotography said...

OMG love the light and she is so adorable..