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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

play time!

 play time outside! we packed up a bunch of toys and had fun enjoying the nice weather!
 Bristol working hard on her minnie mouse laptop. She loves to open and close it, it's the cutest thing.

 She finally graduated to her rubber ducky tub! She absolutely loves it! Although, I have had a hard time washing her hair since she sits up. The water always drips into her eyes and she is not a fan of that. I have to lay her flat in the tub ( NO WATER IS IN THERE, I DRAIN IT) and rinse her hair that way. She isn't a big fan of that either but she tolerates it.
 loves to chew on her bath tub books. it's so cute to watch her pick them up as they float in the tub. she even loves to grab for the duckys head too.
 baby girl playing with her toys at omi and grandaddy's house. she is at such a fun age, she can sit and play with her toys for so long. it's nice that she can entertain herself, especially if i need to fold laundry or do dishes. she is very content as long as she has her toys in front of her.
bristol is always on a mission to find the perfect toy to play with. it's funny to watch her pick her toys up and play with them. when she doesn't want it anymore, she throws it to the side and starts sifting through her other toys to get the one she wants! 

she is has learned how to wave hi, clap her hands and say dada. she is growing up everyday and i swear, this is the best age! she brings so much joy to my life, i couldn't imagine my life without her! 

PS - she slept through the night 2 nights in a row! she broke that cycle last night, but i was sooo happy that she had least did it for 2 nights. here's to hoping she does it again!