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Monday, May 7, 2012

grandaddy love

 Bristol Elaine sure does love her Grandaddy! The minute she sees him her face lights up with a huge smile! Of course, Bristol has Grandaddy wrapped around her sweet little fingers ( all of them, haha!) He would do anything for "his girl" and he makes that known. It's so precious to see him with her especially since I'm his "baby girl". I can't wait to watch this relationship grow and flourish over the next several years. I know that when Bristol is aware of her surroundings, she will immediately know that her Grandaddy loves her to the moon and back. He spoils her rotten already and I know as she gets older it will only get worse ( in a good way of course!) My dad gave Bristol a nickname "Boo-Boo". Growing up, I was nicknamed "Bo-Bo" and so when he came up with "boo-boo" it was only fitting for Bristol. 

 Grandaddy and his girl posing outside on their porch. He says how much she changes every time he sees her. It's almost a given that he will say " well she looks different today than the last time I saw her. He constantly comments on her "pug nose" and "piercing blue eyes". He always talks about the future with her and how he can't wait to see her running around like a little rugrat. There are so many things grandaddy wants to do with her, take her places, show her things... it's precious to hear him talk like that. 

 Bristol resembles grandaddy's baby pictures, it's cute! Bristol loves to grab his hat and try to rip it off. She loves to play peek-a-boo with him at my parents house using the hallway mirror. He loves to take Bristol shopping and buy her an outfit or a toy - it's so sweet and generous that he wants to do things like that. Grandaddy is over the moon with his "brittle girl" and can't wait to take her on her first "real trip" at the end of May. It's Grandaddy and "his girls" :) He talks non-stop about Bristol playing softball. We joke that she will be hitting home runs over the fence in tee-ball. Between her grandaddy and momma, Bristol will be ready to the the field at an early age! 

 Bristol is his pride and joy. He requests for a picture everyday to be sent to him via cell phone or email. He often tells me how much Bristol looks like me when I was a baby. I know that it brings back many memories for him. Grandaddy is always willing to feed her, change her diaper, carry her around and entertain her anywhere we go. It's the sweetest thing ever. 

 Bristol Elaine is named after grandaddy's mom ( my nannie). Her name is Elaine and I know that his heart smiles the biggest smile knowing that his first granddaughter is named after his sweet and precious mom. 

 If Grandaddy hasn't received an email, text or phone call during the day, he will send me a text saying " need a picture of my baby" or give me a call to just "check in" and see how we are doing. It's the sweetest thing ever.
 I couldn't imagine my life without my dad and I know my dad couldn't imagine his life without Bristol. She is the luckiest little girl to have a man in her life like her grandaddy. He truly is the best grandfather any little girl could have. I love watching him get excited to see Bristol, it really is the cutest thing ever. My dad is the perfect example of a self-less father and grandfather. He puts God first and his family second, exactly how it should be.
 Grandaddy had a procedure done a couple days ago so Bristol and I went to visit with him all day. We played, napped, ate, played and napped again. We ended the day with dinner and shopping. It was so sweet to see him lay on the floor with her. He wanted to make sure she didn't roll off the blankets.
Dad/Grandaddy, You truly are the best dad and grandaddy anyone could ask for. You are the perfect example of what a father and grandfather should be. I look up to you and always have and I know that Bristol will do the same when she is old enough. We love you and Thank God for you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 

"your girls"