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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

busy bee

We have been quite the busy bees lately. I've been taking pictures non-stop WHICH I LOVE, but we have been on the go so much lately that we are all running on empty. We had a great Easter spending it with family. Of course Bristol got spoiled. She got 5 Easter baskets full of goodies! Books, toys, a new rubber ducky blow up bath tub, sunscreen for her fair fair skin, puzzles, 4 outfits.... oh the list goes on. She is so blessed to have amazing grandparents who spoil her.

I just love getting to celebrate holidays with her but for some reason, I always FAIL to get a good family picture at the start of the day. Either, we don't get a family picture OR its at the end of the day when we all look like a mess. At least we got a picture right? Anyway.... we went to church Sunday morning and Bristol usually does well but she wasn't feel well at all. I think she has been running a fever. She is teething pretty bad and has been spitting up at least 2-3 a day which NEVER used to happen. I'm thinking since she is spitting up to much the acid in the spit up is hurting her because she will arch her back and fuss and fuss. Poor baby. I called the dr. yesterday and she called her in some medicine so I'm hoping it will help.

My mom got this owl hat made for Bristol and her soon to be cousin Maddy. They have matching hats and I can't wait to take their pictures together! Of course I had to do a little photo shoot with her modeling the hat, it's just too cute not to take pictures. She never tried to pull it off either, must be the " she has worn bows since she popped out of me" thing.

She is sitting up so well and it makes me sooooo happy!

We went to Brandon's parents house in the early evening to do an "egg hunt" in their backyard. At this point, she wasn't wearing her easter outfit but when I wanted to get some pics of her sitting in the yard with the eggs, I ran to the car and got her outfit and did a little wardrobe change. She didn't give us one smile the whole time but that's ok, she is still cute! :)

I hope all of you had a wonderfully blessed Easter like we did!


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

LOVE that hat!! Landon has one in blue and I think he looks so cute in it!! Im glad y'all had a great easter, Bristol looks so cute in her dress!!

Aja Speights said...

That hat is so cute!! She looks like such a big girl sitting up like that!:)