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Sunday, February 6, 2011

please tell me i look pregnant and not fat.

After putting on my clothes for church this morning I felt a little different. A little more, well larger in the stomach area. I looked down and BAM! There was a full on pouch! Now, back in my high school/college days, I'm not going to lie, I had a flat stomach - no pouch, and yes, I will brag on myself for a second. :) As those days faded and I hit more of my "adulthood" if you will, my stomach got a little more "soft". No more sports really did me in, haha. ANYWAY..... back to this morning. I walked into the bathroom and said to Brandon " PLEASE TELL ME I LOOK PREGNANT AND NOT FAT! And you better say the first one!" He looked at me which the strangest look on his face and said " Babe, YOU ARE pregnant so you look pregnant, you're not fat". Phew! Good thing he said that because he would have been in the dog house.

So let's talk about this pouch that starts to pop out and makes you feel weird and uncomfortable in so many ways. It's such an awkward thing. If people don't know me, will they think I'm fat or pregnant? I'm also at the point where I can still fit into all my pants except my black trousers and jeans. Let me clarify - I can fit in all my pants but 2 pairs of my jeans I need to wear my bella band and just started wearing the bella band with my black trousers. I'm too small to wear maternity pants so if need be, I will buy a size or two up in regular pants. Another this I was worried about was "showing" too early. I know woman show at all different times, some sooner than others and I think I might be that girl. It's exciting, it's weird and it makes you look in the mirror 25 times a day and most certainly makes you take longer to pick out an outfit. But at the end of the day, it also reassures me that my pregnancy is right on track and everything is happening the way it should be.

And for the record, if you ever ask me how I'm feeling and I say "horrible" please understand that when I say "horrible" I really mean I'm feeling great! I have jinxed myself MANY times the past several weeks. Everytime I either verbalize or think to myself " wow, I've been feeling awesome!" I get sick the next day. For example, we went to dinner with my parents the other night and Brandon and I were talking. I was telling him how good I've been feeling lately. My sensivity to smells has gone away, I've been sleeping better, not going to the restroom as frequent and the nausea has been minimal. Saturday rolls around and BAM! I was sick all day. This has happened many times, not just this weekend. So, like I said, if you hear me say I'm feeling horrible, I'm really feeling GREAT! :)

This little guy is Brandon, can you tell? It's one of those cardboard cut outs.... too cute huh?

Our very first picture together, Minute Maid Stadium - 2005

My Mamie and Grampie on my wedding day

My sweet Nannie and I on her 85th birthday. If we have a girl, she will be named after her. Love this woman to death. There is no better person I know.

Well, I gotta run! It's superbowl sunday and the parents are coming over! Enjoy your Sunday!


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

that awkward stage really stinks i was there for a long time I thought i looked pregnant but no one else could tell, finally in the past few weeks i definitely look pregnant and people notice and its so cool and yes i also look in the mirror a million times because honestly it still baffles me that I am actually pregnant!!

Julie said...

1. You're beautiful! I know it's hard when you're in that middle period, but trust me, pretty soon there will be no denying that bun in the oven .

2. Try looping a rubber band through your belt loop and hooking up your jeans. This worked better than the belly bands for me as I got bigger. I was able to wear my jeans for a while.

3. LOVE that sweet pic of Brandon in his football uniform. Makes me smile :)