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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

once you go MAC you never go BACK

It's true, it really is. I love my macbook, its the best. I also love my iphone. Actually, while I write this, I am listening to Stephen Speaks from my itunes on my iphone. Oh the greatness of itunes built into a phone. Speaking of Stephen Speaks, I seriously love this band and it's sad to think they are no longer. I remember the summer going into my freshman year of college at ACU I used to listen to their first CD "no more doubt" I love the song "Out of My League".
Sorry, I am reliving the past, haha!
So I have a pair of earings that I wear quite often to work and when I talk on the phone ( which is like every 5 mins because people think I have nothing better to do than anwer their phone calls) my right earing ALWAYS falls off. It's kinda annoying, actually it's a lot annoying.
Did anyone watch the womens college softball world series? Wait, who am I kidding....Danni, Val, JD and Kristen, did YA'LL watch the WS? I did, I am quite addicted to softball, its pathetic, as Brandon likes to remind me. I would like to express to you all who actually care, that I am upset that Washington won. I mean, it's cool because they are taking home the title for the first time but they are a PAC 10 school and I am sick of PAC 10 schools taking OVER SOFTBALL. (don't hate me val and kristen) I am glad that Florida did make it to the finals and being an SEC team, it's their first time to the final series of the tournament. I digress...
My birthday is Saturday. I'm turning 25. Now let me tell you something. It was a big deal when you turned 16, 18, 21....but I feel as though this birthday is a little different. I am going to be 25 .... mid 20's. Wow. I remember having my 8th birthday party when I was living in florida, I remember my 13th birthday in Texas, and many of birthdays at Kadesh Camp at ACU. I will be 25 and I will feel more like an adult, don't ask me why. My parent's and I were talking the other day and they mentioned how they couldn't believe their baby will be turning 25. It almost made me cry thinking of how time has flown by so fast from my first birthday till now. There are so many memories that I can look back on and say, wow. This birthday will be filled with fun, family and friends and I am looking forward to it.
Next Saturday will mark 1 month away till my 2nd diabetes camp. I am getting a little nervous and anxious for it to be here. Say some prayers for me in the next month that I stay sane and NOT STRESSED. :)
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far.


The Doty's said...

wow with the randomness of updates on the story of your life. so yeah long comment is probably about to be left. first off 25!!! know, your car insurance is supposed to go down at 25...and lasik surgery is recommended to be done around this age. and that's all i can say about your 25 birthday...o and you will be a quarter of a century!!

I'm "upset" Washington won...I'm happy they won and it wasn't a usual winner...but i really liked Florida...their team was A-dorable...they didn't have tacky black hair...their pitcher had a cute crush on the Florida Quarterback...and I'm fairly certain Mitchell thinks Danielle Lawry (is that her name, the Udub pitcher?) is hot...he denies it...but I can just tell you know. So yeah...why would I cheer for them?! vain are all of my reasons for wanting Florida to win...but oh well!

monelle said...

I was pulling for Florida too! I love softball - especially college softball.

I also love my iphone - dont know how I did without!!! When is the update to text pics coming out??? How can this amazing phone NOT text pictures???? What do you do about that?